4 Best Pool Float Models to Brighten Up Your Days

Your vacation in this year must be filled by tons of happiness. One of the simple way is spending your times with someone special or families. Then, you need to make an itinerary really soon. However, you might have no idea about your activities.

Interestingly, staying on pool float is such favorite activity for a lot of people these days. That is why you will be blown up by cool photos with unique pool floats. You can be like your friends and world celebrities who lazing around on the funny pool toys.

You are able to make splashes at swimming pool. However, you must not forget  to bring along awesome pool float. Without further ado, here are our list of the most enticing pool float models to complete your vacation.

Swan Floaties


This pool float is totally inspired by gorgeous swan. Because of its giant size, you can ride on swan pool float with your bestie. If you want to gather up your schoolmates, bringing swan pool float is great idea.

Swan floaties come in various colors such as black, gold and white. You are strongly recommended to bring all of them in your pool. These inflatable swan floats are perfect for any pool party themes.

Unicorn Floaties


Have you ever imagined beautiful unicorn in your life? Your imagination will come true for sure. Probably, it is in the form of pool float. But it can be categorized as the same thing, right? You may get amazed with its jumbo size.

The seating area of unicorn pool float is seriously roomy. It can be said that unicorn pool float is big enough for one adult. You are highly urged to choose this pool accesory because it can bring fantasies to swimming pool. Its rainbow-colored manes are something you have dream of.

Peacock Floaties


You may think that peacocks are just at the zoo. No, this is indeed wrong. At poolside, there will be peacock-shaped pool float as well. This perky animal has successfully inspired company to produce another wonderful pool float.

Like an unicorn pool float, this pool accessory has many colors such as light blue, deep purple, bright green and white. Summer is the right time to be vibrant. Peacock pool float is not only giving you elegant vibes, but also awesome summer hours.

Pegasus Floaties


If you want to liven up your vacation, you can opt to pegasus-themed pool float. Its golden wings will beautify your Instagram posts. Moreover, it keeps you dry when you are at swimming pool due to its really big size.

Riding on pegasus pool float can avoid you from having boring vacation days. Just ask your friend to stay on this pool float together. Surely, your hours in this summer will be extraordinary with the help of pegasus pool float.

Do you want to rent pool float? Grab yours at Ruby Floaties soon. As a trusted floaties rental service provider in Bali, Ruby Floaties offers you extra large floaties with affordable prices.

Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Let’s stay on floaties!

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