4 Stylish Pool Floats to Liven Up Your Vacation

There are thousands of summer activities that you can do. On the hot scorching months, you are strongly recommended to waste times at swimming pool. This favorite summer of the year will be cooling off your restless mind. Moreover, pool activities are extremely refreshing.

Spending summer hours at poolside will make you happy and relax at the same time. If you love pool activities, you shall stay on pool float in this summer. Pool float also keeps you safe around swimming pool. By bringing pool floats, your summer experience will be filled with good memories.

For those who get confused in choosing pool floats, we will give you some recommendations. These are 4 stylish and extraordinary floaties to spend your glorious weeks.

Inflatable Bull Floaties



You may think that bulls can only be found at the arena. Who says that? Bulls will be in your pool too. Because pool toys also comes in bull-shaped float. Its black-colored and oversized do resemble real bull.

Sometimes, bull pool floats are quite rare nowadays. We bet that you will not last for long time on this beast pool float. Once you stay on bull pool float, you won’t choose another pool float for sure. It is like bull riding in the water. How fun it would be!

Cactus Floaties


Cactus is known as prickly plant. You might see cactus in your backyard, garden and even desert. Wherever it is, cactus will always be succulent plant. If you have ever asked for cactus in swimming pool, your dream comes true. Recently, there is cactus-shaped pool float.

Fortunately, it has no pricks at all. So, you are able to lounge on this pool float with a peace of mind. Cactus pool floats seriously fit for any swimming pool and people of any age because of its giant size.

Seahorse Floaties


Seahorse is one of the most unique sea creatures. Its shape may be unusual for lots of people. It can be simply said that seahorse looks like horse and fish at the same time.

On this vacation, you are highly urged to bring seahorse-themed pool float to swimming pool. It will add tropical vibes and elegant touches to your days. Guaranteedly, your summer is not only fun, but also graceful. Its long lounging area is perfect for having tanned skin.

Hawaiian Shirt Floaties


Do you want to spend vacation in Hawaii? If you can not go there, you must stay calm folks as long as you bring Hawaiian shirt-shaped pool float. Its vibrant blue colors and tropical motifs can accentuate your summer vacation.

Choosing Hawaiian shirt pool float will make your days merry. If you still do not get to go in Hawaii, this pool float plays as the same thing. You can stay on Hawaiian shirt pool float while sip your refreshing seasonal drink.

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