4 Tips to Get Tons of Excitements in Bali

After working for long time, you may get bored and want to refresh restless mind. Surely, you shall arrange a vacation really soon. Because your mind and body deserve break as well. There are some kinds of vacation such as romantic getaway, honeymoon and family trip.

To  get heavenly awesome vacation, you are strongly urged to go to Bali. This beautiful island in Indonesia is popularly known by tourists due to its breathtaking views, religious sites and the other wonderful destinations. Escaping to Bali will never get wrong.

In fact, you may be wondering how to get lots of excitements in the island paradise of Bali. Here are 4 tips to enjoy your vacation in Bali in fun ways.



Bali is obviously famous for its gorgeous beaches. Beside lounging on sandy beach, surfing and banana boat riding, you can do parasailing too. If you are such adrenaline-pumping seeker, this activity is seriously for you.

Even people with low budgets are able to do parasailing because it is still reasonable around USD 30-40. Most importantly, you can see Bali’s beaches  in different angle, which is from above. That’s why you are not allowed to leave your camera or GoPro.

Party in Kuta


Kuta has become well-known and touristy destination in Bali. It seems like all locals and international tourists know areas in Kuta very well. To make your vacation incredibly happy, you can have a party there.

It is your own options whether you want to arrange a party in the bar or restaurant’s rooftop. Choice is yours. The drinks, foods and costumes totally depend on you. Having a party in Bali especially in Kuta is such nice night out activity.

Eat Chicken Satay


You may think that you get excited when you do fun activities. Indeed, this is not true. Because eating out in Bali will make you and tummy happy for sure. Moreover, trying local dishes in Bali can give memorable experiences to you as well.

One of must-try foods in Bali is chicken satay. To enjoy tasty chicken satay, you must dip it into flavorful peanut sauce. Once you ate chicken satay, you definitely never stop and crave it more and more. The other foods to try are Bebek Betutu, Nasi Campur (mostly non-halal), Sate Lilit and Ayam Betutu.

Play at Waterbom Bali


Going to Waterbom Bali is definitely the best decision you ever take. You need to waste some hours at Waterbom Bali to try all world-class rides and attractions. Furthermore, there is a kid area, massage station, fish therapy.

Waterbom Bali is located in the middle of Kuta’s stretch. This water park was built in tropical garden. So, make sure you take some pictures while you enjoy playing at Waterbom Bali. It would be your perfect day!

Do you want to play at Waterbom Bali? First of all, you have to book ticket of Waterbom Bali to avoid long queue there. You can get an affordable Waterbom Bali’s ticket price from us.

Contact our number on 08123966865 through SMS, telephone or Whatsapp. Have a fun vacation, everyone!

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