4 Great Activities for Thrill-Seekers in Bali

Vacation gives lots of benefits to you, from recharging your energy to refreshing restless body. Without going on vacation, you will get tired and bored in this season. However, choosing a destination can be quite confusing. Then, you shall go to Bali due to its awesomeness.

Bali is pretty small island in Indonesia. Despite of this fact, Bali offers you with many interesting activities. Visiting Balinese temples, doing yoga, eating chicken satay are some tourist’s favorite activities. In fact, there are still tons of adventurous things you must do in Bali.

If you are such real thrill-seeker, you will love doing this list of exciting things. So without further ado, let’s check out our recommendations below. By get these things done, your vacation memories in Bali will be ever lasting.

River Rafting


First of all, river rafting in Bali is quite expensive if you have low budget. It costs almost 1 million Rupiah. However, this water sport is worth to try. By doing river rafting, you will be able to enjoy wild jungle and panoramic rice terraces.

River rafting in Bali needs 3 to 5 hours. Most of tours will offer you lunch and shower which included in the package. Before water rafting, make sure you learn and practice your rafting skills very well.

Surfing at Beaches


This water sport is fairly reasonable for any tourists. To rent a surf board, you must pay around IDR 80,000-200,000 per day. Bali beaches can be such gorgeous and iconic destination for both beginner and professional surfers.

Surfing at Bali’s beaches will improve your surf skill. Most importantly, you can enjoy your great time with the gentle waves. The best time to surf in Bali is on October to April. In this period, there is a perfect combination of offshore winds, warm weather and water.

Trying Outdoor Activities


If you are asking about outdoor activities in Bali, we will give you a lot of answers. Some popular choices are tubing, trekking on elephant, riding ATV at the beach and more.

These activities do pump your adrenaline for sure. Furthermore, it helps to satisfy your adventurous and unstoppable spirits. Doing yoga and swimming may be boring activities, so going outdoor is such bright idea.

Playing at Waterbom Bali


As the best water park in Asia and second in the world, Waterbom Bali is worth to visit. Every thrill-seeker must agree that Waterbom Bali can turn their ordinary days into something adventurous. Waterbom Bali also has magnificent view because it is built at the tropical garden.

You can catch summer sunlight and tan your skin while play at Waterbom Bali. Moreover, you are able to try various water rides and attractions. Spectacularly, there are 22 waterslides as well. If you get hungry after playing the rides, food courts are ready to make you full.

Are you planning to go to Waterbom Bali? Grab the ticket of Waterbom Bali very soon. We give you an affordable ticket price. You can enter Waterbom Bali areas without having long queue.

To book the ticket, contact our number on 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Let’s go on vacation!

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