4 Irresistible Floaties for Your Awesome Vacation

There are tons of exciting activities that you can do with your best squads and families. One of those good ideas is spending your days in the water. You can have splashes and play fun water games at the same time. Moreover, you are able to soaking up the sun.

Recently, pool toys come in different shapes, models and colors. You shall bring them when you want to go to swimming pool for sure. Pool float is gaining popularity these days. It is due to its attractiveness and functionality. Then, it will be much better when you stay on floaties on this vacation.

In fact, choosing pool float is quite difficult sometimes. Because floaties are variously available on the market. Fortunately, this article will suggest 4 enticing pool floats for you. Check this out!

Golden Swan Floaties


Swan can be simply said as the gorgeous creature on earth. That’s why you will see lots of swan-riding photos on social medias. Definitely, that is swan pool float, not the real one.

There are some colors of swan pool float. Most of them come in white, black, pink and golden color. Currently, golden-colored swan floaties win people hearts. This pool float will bring luxury vibes to your swimming pool. It also makes you feel wealthy.

Sunnyside Up Egg Floaties


You do not skip your breakfast, don’t you? For those breakfast lover in the world, you all are urged to choose sunnyside up egg pool float. This pool float is seriously inspired by your favorite breakfast menu.

It does resemble sunnyside up eggs on your plate. Your morning hours will be incomplete without preparing sunnyside up egg floaties. To enjoy your vacation, you must flip over the egg-themed pool float. This unique pool float obviously throws your boredoms away.

Kissable Lip Floaties


Summer and spring are two perfect times for having romantic story. If you do not find your significant other, you shall stay calm. Because there is kissable lip pool float. If you want to make love interests come true, it is highly recommended for you.

Kissable lip pool floats have vibrant red and beautiful pink color. Its shape is surely similar to your sexy lips. There is nothing more interesting than lounging on plump lips-inspired pool float.

Peacock Pool Float


This animal made your day when you visited the zoo due to its colorful furs. Why don’t you bring the same nuance at your swimming pool? Peacock-themed pool float has giant size. The colors are really wonderful as well.

Your vacation must not be boring and subtle. Make sure you show your peacock pool float to everyone. Guaranteedly, they will get amazed by its elegant and magnificient look.

Do you want to bring pool floats to swimming pool? You can find many floaties at Ruby Floaties. For information, Ruby Floaties is trusted floaties rental service provider based in Bali.

So when you stay in Bali, you must opt to floaties at Ruby Floaties. To rent your floaties like you have dreamed of, contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have a good time!


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