4 Low-Budget Activities You Shall Do in Bali

The awesomeness of Indonesia is widely known in the world. This country has diverse cultures, friendly people, beautiful natural views and islands. Even, 1 of 7 wonders is located in Indonesia. Definitely, as the part of Indonesia, Bali also offers lots of things to you.

Tourists love spending their days in Bali and they will come back to the “island of the gods” for sure. After going to Bali on their first trips, they surely feel so excited on the next ones. Generally, they stay in this paradise around 1 week to 2 weeks. Some tourists go on vacation longer.

If you already chose Bali as your destination, you were in the right place. However, you can hesitate when it comes to your budget in Bali. If you have low budget, we cover 4 exciting activities for you below.

Relaxing at The Beaches


Bali obviously has gorgeous beaches to throw away your boredoms. Those are also classified as the best beaches all over the world. Most importantly, going to Bali’s beaches is seriously wallet-friendly activity as well. There is no entrance fee. It means that you can get the access of the beaches freely.

To find your convenient spot, you have to bring your own towel or hat. Then, put it on the sandy beach for claiming your area. You are able to see gentle waves and sunset there. To make it better, book a beach house soon after planning your itinerary.

Trying Balinese Massage


You have done busy agendas, right? Why don’t you make your body more re-energized? In order to achieve it, you are strongly urged to try Baliness massage. This massage is quite different with the other traditional massages.

The greatest time to have a massage in Bali is rainy season. Because it helps you forget about heavy rain. Balinese massage is really affordable as well. It only costs IDR 60,000 or almost equivalent of $5 for one-hour massage service.



In Bali, you can do lots of water-based activities which are super reasonable such as boogie boarding and surfing. However, surfing is the most popular one. To enjoy surfing at the beach, you must bring surf board.

The rental price of surf board vary based on the location. In Kuta, it may be around IDR 200,000 ($15). It is important to notice the red flags or unsafe areas at those beaches.

Indulging at Waterbom Bali


Another enjoyment in Bali is going to Waterbom Bali. It was ranked by TripAdvisor’s Traveler Choice as the second water park in the world. Waterbom Bali is such nice place for bonding time.

Additionally, playing at Waterbom Bali becomes exciting way to waste your hours. Waterbom Bali offers everything for you such as green sceneries, various culinary options, warm services, fish spas, world-class waterslides and attractions. What a complete package!

Do you want to go to Waterbom Bali? You can book the ticket from us. We give you the best deal. Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Let’s get excited peeps!

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