4 Great Fashion Items Made From Snake Skin

If you ask several women, they will unhesitatingly say that fashion stuffs are really important. Obviously, all women do love them very much. These products play big roles in women daily lives. By choosing the item differently, it reflects woman’s character and fashion taste.

Since the stuffs are inseparable from women activities, they do not forget to carry and use them. Regarding to materials, fashion items can be made from various exotic animal skins such as sheep, cow, ostrich, pig, kangaroo, alligator and snake.

Interestingly, one of the most animal skin material is snake skin. In general, snake skin can be produced into lots of products. Without further ado, here are best fashion items which made of snake skin.



Python skin has been widely used in fashion industry. As a gorgeous animal skin, it works really well for making any woman products. Python skin also has long durability. This particular animal skin is so good for purse project.

Snake skin purse can unleash your classy and prestigious feeling. Your look won’t be so ordinary as well. Most importantly, replacing your purse with snake skin purse keeps you practical and elegant at the same time. Just choose snake skin purses like you want, ladies!



Most of women and men’s belts are made from cow or sheep skin. However, these original animal skin patterns are not as beautiful as snake skins. On the other hand, you are able to see the gorgeous pattern of snake skin belt.

In fact, your ordinary belt may come in black, white, grey and tan color. Snake skin belts are available in a huge selection. Even, they can be naturally dyed. If you are such active and cheerful person, you are highly urged to choose multicolored-snake skin belt. It is perfect for any outfits too.



Who says that footwear must be so boring? Bring the new vibes to your life by choosing snake skin shoes. Moreover, you can not be completely happy when you do not opt to snake skin shoes, ladies.

Wearing snake skin shoes will make you more confident in every single step. Snake skin shoes also steal the spotlight due to its awesomeness. In the range of footwears, there are some options for you such as snake skin wedges, heels and flat shoes.



DEFV TANNERY Collection 2017

Sometimes as a consumer, you get overwhelmed with tons of handbags on the market. If you think that shopping woman handbag is confusing, snake skin handbag is the right choice.

A saying states that behind an independent, there is pretty woman handbag. Even handbag becomes one of the factors affecting woman’s success. This saying is so true and accurate, isn’t it?

Do you want to buy authentic snake skin handbag and purse? Then, DEFV TANNERY is the right place for you. There is huge range of high quality snake skin purses and handbags at DEFV TANNERY. The prices are affordable as well. This is what you ask for, right?

Check snake skin handbag and purse collection on Instagram account of @defvtannery. To make an order, contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Happy shopping, ladies!

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