4 Fabulous Floaties to Lighten Up Your Days

Everyone loves vacation, so do you. However, planning a vacation is quite difficult sometimes especially if you are not solo traveling. Because you have to discuss lots of things with your friends or family. When you still get confused about what you shall do, spending your precious times on floaties is the best answer.

In fact, not all floaties are created equal. It means that you must pick up the right floaties to lazy around on this vacation. Moreover, bringing pool float to swimming pool helps melt away your boredoms.

If you are searching for the lovely floaties, but still do not find satisfying answer please stay calm. In this article, I have rounded up must-bring pool floats to change your whole life in happy ways. Check them out!

Sea Horse Floaties


Now, it is 2018. In this year, the trend has switched to metallic colors. Uniquely, sea horse floaties have gorgeous rose and metallic gold. You could not ask for more, right? Furthermore, they are finished with high-gloss.

Sea horse is not only sea creature, but also the real symbol of satisfaction in life. Guaranteedly, choosing sea horse floaties never go wrong. You will definitely find serenity in your swimming pool.

Rainbow Cloud Daybed Floaties

When you were a child, you might be so excited seeing beautiful rainbow in the sky. Recently, you can bring your awesome childhood memories back. Luckily, it comes in cozy inflatable daybed.

According to its name, the shape resembles rainbow and cloud. It seriously has giant size. Compare to the other floaties, the lounging space is much larger. Since you opt to this pool float, you will not to miss your pool times. .

Unicorn Floaties

Unicorn may be known as mythical animal in Greek’s mythology. This one-horned creature also is certainly very attractive due to its rainbow-colored manes and tail. In the real life, unicorn comes in inflatable pool accessory.

Needless to say, unicorn pool float is super fabulous. Just lay back your body and be relax on your pool vacation. Another enjoyment is riding on unicorn pool float while sipping fresh and favorite drink. What a best moment ever!

Flamingo Floaties


If you love girly things in this world, you must fall in love with this float. It is not just ordinary pool float for sure. Because it has a combination of awesomeness and fabulousness. Its bright pink color will steal spotlight.

When you are too bored with flat pool accessory, this ultra-enticing float is highly recommended for you. Undoubtedly, flamingo pool float will never get out of trend. It is the great stuff to float on your vacation.

Are you looking for nice floaties? Go get your adorable floaties only at Ruby Floaties. For information, Ruby Floaties is trusted floaties rental service provider based in Bali. Most importantly, the rental prices are affordable. Plus, there are lots of cute floaties, free delivery and pickup.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Ruby Floaties soon on number 08123966865 via Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have a happy vacation!

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