4 Gorgeous Woman Bags You Must Have

Are you a woman bag lover? Perhaps, you may have confessed that you are truly bag junkie. In fact, there are lots of  bags which make you get confused. They vary based on their materials, shapes and colors. That’s why you do not have enough times for choosing the right bags.

If you are seriously in need of beautiful bag on this season, please do not worry. By reading our article below, you will find the best one for you and surely to be uploaded on social medias. Definitely, your OOTD (outfit of the day) photos get many likes.

When you are searching for your dream bag, we have compiled the bags for you to carry around confidently. Without further ado, here are our list.



Whether you are under or above 20s years old, you like hanging out with your lovely squads. For instances, you may attend the wedding party, chit-chat after working and eating out at the restaurant.

Clutch is the most fabulous fashion staple. Furthermore, this stuff takes you instantly from formal to informal occasions. It also performs as your makeup pouch. How good it is!

Tote Bag

For an active career woman, this is what you need. A tote bag helps reflect your inner confidence and spirit as well. Because it becomes the symbol of a woman who like working hard and smartly.

Interestingly, tote bag can be used in many occasions such as at the workplace, meeting room and class. It is totally versatile, isn’t it? In addition to that, you can hold on your tote bag or wear it over on your shoulder. Whatever you choose, its timeless classic constantly remains.

Cross Body Bag

This woman bag is absolutely important in your life. By using this handbag you can explore the new places without getting worried. Moreover, it also works nicely for any situations.

As a lady, we suggest you to own this great bag to complete your bag collection. By doing so, there is no panic attack when you face hands-on conditions. It saves your day!

Snake Skin Handbag


DEFV TANNERY Collection 2017

This type of woman bag is super stylish. Furthermore, it can be classified as one of the most luxurious handbag. According to its name, real snake skin handbag is made from original snake leather.

It is paramount to note that snake skin handbag has imperfect scales. On the other hand, you can find similarities on faux handbag. Beside the richness of pattern, genuine snake skin handbag looks like a good piece of art. It will transform your style from ordinary to the most fantastic one.

Are you looking for genuine snake skin handbag? Grab yours soon at DEFV TANNERY. There are high quality snake skin handbags with affordable prices. What a big deal! Best of all, you can find the clutches at DEFV TANNERY as well.

To order stunning snake skin clutch and handbag, contact DEFV TANNERY on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Happy shopping, pretty ladies!


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