4 Greatest Places You Must Go in Bali

There are 3 common reasons why people go to Bali to spend their vacation days. First, Bali is popularly known for its exotic culture. Second, Bali offers you with its tropical natural beauty. And the last one is you can stay in Bali even you are on low budget.

If you want to travel the “island of gods” happily, you must look for the best accomadations which match your own budget. Additionally, Bali also becomes perfect destination for any people. So, you should go there with your spouse or family.

Actually, you are able to get vacation package from tour agents in Bali as well. However, you may wanna be solo traveler. Whatever it is, to complete your journey in beautiful island, here are 4 recommendations from us.



Frankly, Ubud is such good place to be true and it has been featured in the famous movie (Eat, Pray and Love). You will get amazed with its various things. For instance, you need to go to rice paddies. This greenness helps you escape from boring crowd.

Furthermore, there is also Neka Art Museum. At this museum, your jaw will be dropping after seeing Balinese paintings. Watching Kecak Fire Dance is another spectacular experience. To buy antique and artsy items, just go to local craft shops.

Pura Besakih


This Hindu temple is pretty close to Gunung Agung, the highest mountain in Bali island. By going to Pura Besakih, you will know that people are very adamant to their religion.

Pura Besakih has 7 terraces and around 28 structures. There is a believe that Pura Besakih was built to protect against evil spirits. We suggest you to visit Pura Besakih with reputable tour agent.

Lovina Beach


It may not be as popular as the other beaches for you. In fact, Lovina Beach is currently the largest resort area. You can try some fun water activities at Lovina Beach such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving and surfing.

Beside doing those water sports, you are able to watch dolphins and gorgeous sunset as well. All the adventures you have tried at this beach will make you miss Bali so bad.

Waterbom Bali


To freshen your body and mind, we are urged you to play at Waterbom Bali. This premier water park is an ideal place to spend few hours with your families or best friends. Waterbom Bali was ranked as best water park in Asia and second best in the world.

Waterbom Bali offers you exciting waterslides, attractions, rides, facilities and numerous playful games. In total, there are more than 17 waterslides. It is surely like an oasis in the busy Kuta, right?.

Do you wanna have few hours of fun? Play at Waterbom Bali then. Fortunately, you can book the ticket from us. By doing so, you do not need to queue and get the affordable ticket price.

Contact our number on 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone and SMS to book your ticket. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy full wet day out!

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