4 Reasons to Use Floaties in The Swimming Pool


Do you love vacation days? If so, you definitely wanna get a memorable and fun trip. Before talking about vacation further, it must be underlined that vacation is really great for your well-being. For instances, vacation helps reduce your heart attack risk and throw away stress.

When you are on vacation mode, you are gonna be thinking of the activities and destinations. On this vacation, do not hesitate opt for floaties to lounge around. However, it will be best to go on vacation in Bali. Because this amazing island offers lots of exciting things to you.

If you are taking vacation in Bali, we have complied 4 ultimate reasons why you should spend some hours on pool floats. Keep reading, folks!

Keep Afloat Safely

Pool floats can be used by kids and adults. For small kids, the pool toys work as safe staple when they are staying on it. Fortunately, there are baby floats as well. They come in kickboards, canopies and life jackets.

Floaties surely also help kids to swim properly. In addition, pool floats keep you afloat with peace of mind. Before using your pool floats, make sure they are in satisfactory condition.

Various Unique Floaties

Needless to say, floaties have won world celebrity’s hearts. As provings, you can see pool float’s popularity on their social media posts. They are really attracted to the awesomeness of floaties.

You are able to choose floaties like you want because they are available in huge variety. It means that there are abundant models, designs, sizes, colors and shapes. These are what you ask for, right? They are also perfect for your pool party and selfies while you are going on vacation.

Truly Your Mood Changer

Vacation season is not the right time to stay at home. This activity will cause real boredoms for you. To overcome your boredoms, you must laze away on floaties. These inflatable pool toys make you more relax and re-energized.

Instead of doing nothing in this vacation, go to the swimming pool is such brilliant idea. By staying on pool floats, they become the good remedies for your restless mind. As a result, you will feel happier immediately.

Get Beautiful Tanned Skin

If you are spending times in the outdoor swimming pool, you shall apply tan oil before lounging around on pool floats. Another choice is applying your olive oil because it attracts sunlights better.

Both tan oil and olive oil help achieve your dream bronzed glow. Staying on the adorable pool floats will make you easier in getting gorgeous tanned skin effortlessly.

Are you headed on vacation? Then, you are urged to put swimming pool as top list of your lovely places. To complete your vacation, you have to bring must-pack pool accessories which are floaties.

You can rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. As trusted floaties rental provider based in Bali, there is a great selection of super affordable floaties. They come in toucan, seashell, unicorn, flamingo, duck, seahorse, peacock, crocodile and many more.

Contact Ruby Floaties on number 08123966865 through telephones, Whatsapp or SMS to place an order. Let’s stay on floaties!

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