4 Super Unique Floaties That You’ll Love

One of the happiest news in the world is you will go on vacation. That’s why you become more busy as the day goes by. Perhaps, you and your travel squad are thinking what you have to do in the destination. Sometimes, you are still undecided about the destination itself. Then Bali is stronly recommended for you.

Bali is the real heaven on earth. You do agree with this statement, right? Furthermore, Bali has very diverse culture and wonderful natural scenery to discover. Bali definitely offers a complete package for you. After knowing these facts, there is no reason not to visit Bali. Whether you are honeymooner or solo backpacker, staying on pool float is a must-try activity.

If you like spending your vacation times on floaties, here is our list of awesome floaties to cheer up your days. Check these out!

Toucan Pool Float


This is certainly adorable pool accessory. Toucan pool float has giant size from head to the tail. Most importantly, it is suitable for child and adult. Although its color is dominantly black, we guarantee that this toucan float will bring happy times to your swimming pool. It is really nice-looking pool float as well.

There are 3 main functions of toucan pool float. It is perfect for lounging, riding and playing. Do you need a pillow on float? Do not worry! Because its tail performs as your pillow. By bringing this float, you could not ask for more.

Yellow Duck Pool Float


When you want to get an endless fun, choosing duck pool float is such bright idea. We can simply say that lazing away on this pool float will give you tons of happiness. Beside having vibrant yellow color, the size is very big.

You are able to relax in the duck float due to its ample seating space. For safety reason, it is also completed with 2 air chambers and durable handles. Instead of lying on bed, it is better to stay on this gigantic yellow duck float.

Pineapple Pool Float


If you love sunny days, you are highly urged to choose this pool float. Because it totally screams summer season. Yes, this another yellow floaty will win your heart for sure. It also reflects the combination of your sweet and sour life.

After bringing pineapple-shaped floaty to your favorite pool, you must say that you can spend the vacation without this one. Needless to say, it helps you get more likes on your Instagram and the other social media posts.

Rainbow Ice Cream Pool Float


If you are asking us to recommend great pool toys, we will unhesitantly answer inflatable rainbow ice cream bar pool float. This colorful floaty will completely turn your most boring day to the coolest one. It is so great to float around as well. Moreover, you can also opt to rainbow pool float for your merrier floaties party.

When you are on vacation in Bali, you can rent floaties at Ruby Floaties for sure. In addition to that, Ruby Floaties provides floaties rental at reasonable prices. Contact Ruby Floaties on number 08123966865 via Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have a wonderful vacation, folks!


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