4 Floaties That Will Steal Your Heart

Everyone looks so excited for long vacation. Do you feel the same? On this vacation, you must be starting to plan your awesome vacation with family or friends. Your mind will be filled with preparations to make your vacation days unforgettable.

You can enjoy your vacation by choosing outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, bicycling, surfing, kayaking, and fishing. The list goes on actually. However, vacation is also the right time to do indoor activities. They can be in the form of taking fun quiz, cooking and bowling.

Interestingly, lazing away on pool float becomes so popular these days. This activity can be done either on the outdoor or indoor. To complete your pool times, we have selected 4 best floaties for you. Check these out, folks!

Popsicle Pool Float


You tend to sweat easily on the hot weather. That’s why you need popsicle to cool you down. Luckily, there is popsicle-themed pool float. This inflatable pool toy is great for you who wanna relax and sit back. When you opt for popsicle pool float, you will always stay cool.

Popsicle inflatable pool float also comes in giant size. Furthermore, it is really colorful so it helps to lighten up your days. Do not hesitate to bring popsicle pool float to swimming pool. Your boredoms will definitely dissapear quickly!

Pillow Pool Float

This is must-have pool accessory. By lounging around on pillow pool float, you will feel like at your own home. It means that this pool item provides you with super comfort which you can not get from the other pool toys.

Pillow pool float is nice lounger for you who like having lazy vacation days. Its pretty big size is suitable for any swimming pool as well. You will be so ready to hit water when you own pillow pool float.

Flamingo Pool Float


Your vacation is incomplete without bringing this adorable pool toy. Flamingo pool float has pink color which is visually attractive. In addition to that, it is also made of durable vinyl material.

Best of all, there are 2 air valves and 2 handles to make you safe in the swimming pool. Plus, this unique pool accessory is perfect for riding on, floating and sun lounging. As you choose flamingo pool float,  your vacation memories will be everlasting.

Watermelon Pool Float


Eating fresh fruit is so refreshing especially when the temperature is quite high. All you want is floating away on the day, then watermelon pool float is highly recommended for you.

This pool toy is necessary important to bring to beach, pool and lake. Due to its gigantic size, it is enough for 2 adults. This delicious-looking pool float is hilarious for you who want to sunbathe and take selfie.

Do you want to stay on pool float? Grab your favorite floaties by renting them at Ruby Floaties. For information, Ruby Floaties is trusted floaties rental provider based in Bali with affordable prices.

There is huge selection of cute floaties at Ruby Floaties. For those who rent floaties from Ruby Floaties also get free delivery and pickup. So, what are you waiting for? Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS to make an order. Have a terrific vacation!

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