4 Must-Have Pool Floats in 2018

You may have waited for nice vacation, right? To make your vacation in this year more awesome than last year, you shall travel to somewhere with family members or friends. Another option is going on a romantic vacation with your spouse. The important thing to consider before traveling is planning the budget of your trip.

Lounging around on pool float is such tasteful and wallet-friendly activity when vacation times are approaching. This activity does not only make you ready to hit the water, but also stay in style. Best of all, it is very easy to inflate. As long as you bring pool float to swimming pool, your days will be awesome.

However, you do not choose pool float yet because there are really abundant. Without further ado, we have rounded up these cool pool floats for you.

Mojito Cocktail Pool Float

You love living in the fun sunshine, don’t you? Then, this mojito-inspired pool float is the right one for you. You won’t have terrific beach vacation without bringing this unique pool accessory.

The interesting part of mojito pool float is its stylish design. Plus, it does resemble real mojito cocktail. So, there are lime, mint and ice cubes in this pool float. Its giant lounging area is perfect for you and your bestie. What a great inflatable stuff!

Fridge Pool Float

On the sunny day, you like grabbing cold and refreshing drinks in the fridge. It is such lovely way to cooling you down because of hot weather outside. We have the happy news for you. Currently, fridge-shaped pool float is available.

This super chic pool accessory will make your pool times memorable. Moreover, lazing away on fridge pool float is an enjoyment beside playing pool games with your lovely squads. This is truly all you need.

Alligator Pool Float


Alligator-themed pool toy is perfect for any swimming pool. Like the real alligator, the color of this pool float is dominantly green. If you are pretty afraid with alligator, this one will not bite you for sure. Because it is just an inflatable pool float.

Its gigantic size is enough for 1 adult and 2 kids. When you are looking for nice pool float to ride on comfortably, this is the best answer. Your fellow swimmers may be scared with this alligator pool accessory. It would be fun.

Swan Pool Float


Vacation times mean the perfect time for dropping this pool float into water. If you arrange a pool party, it will decorate your pool gorgeously. Additionally, its white color is so stunning as well. The other pretty colors are gold and black.

Swan pool float has ginormous size. You can have quality pool times by bringing this floating pool toy. Take selfies as many as you can when you ride on the white colored-swan pool float like what Taylor Swift did.

Do you want to lie on pool floats? Go get your dream floaties at Ruby Floaties. You will get free delivery and pickup from Ruby Floaties. Furthermore, Ruby Floaties offers a great variety of floaties with affordable rental prices.

Please kindly contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS and telephone to rent your favorite ones. Have a pleasant vacation!

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