3 Stunning Pool Floats to Brighten Up Your Vacation

Have you dreamed of going on tropical vacation? Since Bali is widely known as popular destination, you have to travel Bali on this vacation with your spouse, family or friends. By traveling with your lovely ones, your vacation will be much more exciting.

To create an unforgettable vacation, we recommend you to lounge in the swimming pool. This is a perfect place to throw your boredoms away. Plus, it is wallet-friendly as well. However, lazing away in the pool is incomplete without bringing pool float.

If you are obsessed with pool float, you must face difficulties in choosing the right one. Do not worry folks because we will help you for sure. Here are 5 nice-looking pool float to play with.

Mermaid Tail Pool Float


There is a lot of films which show you about this mysthical and unique sea creature. Mermaid is usually portrayed as gorgeous woman who has fish tail. If you like being elegant mermaid on a day, your dream will come true.

Now, there is mermaid tail-themed inflatable pool accessory. The size of mermaid pool float is pretty big and enough for 1 adult. By staying on this pool float, you can feel the magical vibes quickly.

Bling Ring Pool Float


There is nothing happier than wearing a fashionable ring. It does not only dress  up the finger, but also give bling touches to your cute finger. Beside saying I do on your engagement and wedding days, you shall say the same to floating on this awesome gem.

This pool float has adorable design which resemble real blue stone ring. It can be said as ginormous bling ring-shaped pool float. It will be better when you and your significant other lounge around on this pool float.

Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float


This mythical animal in Greek mythology is too beautiful to be true. Did you ever have fantasies on unicorn? This is the perfect time to go on vacation with unicorn-inspired pool float.

Gigantic unicorn pool float is great to ride on with your bestie due to its roomy seating area. Best of all, its rainbow tail and manes help beautify your Instagram posts. Furthermore, unicorn pool float shall not be left behind on your vacation.

Check our floaties collection on Instagram @rubyfloaties. You will get free pickup and delivery as well. Contact us on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone and SMS. Have an incredible vacation!

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