4 Good-Looking Floaties to Spice Up Your Vacation

If you have free days, what are you gonna do? Vacationing is surely the best answer. Instead of lying on your bed, take some times off work by going to your dream destination with family. This activity is really interesting because it makes you and your lovely ones happier.

Bali is super recommended destination for any travelers. Whether you are on budget or not, travelling Bali will not break your bank account. Before stepping foot in Bali, you need to create an itinerary first. One of exciting water-based activities you must do is staying on pool float.

When you are looking forward to Bali trip away, make sure you bring one of these cute pool floats. So, check this out!

Margarita Pool Float


It may be your favorite beverage. So, why don’t you lay in the bright sun on margarita-themed pool float. Uniquely, this pool accessory has big mouth. In addition, you can take lots of selfies on green margarita pool float. After uploading your pictures on social medias, your followers will like them.

Margarita pool float is ultra comfortable due to its giant size. Indeed, this one is perfect for any pool parties as well. Trust us, once you play with margarita pool float, your summer living gets merrier.

Red Balloon Pool Float


This pool float is shaped like a dog. It has vibrant red color which is so attractive. Red balloon pool float seriously will put a wider smile on your face. Plus, you can have an endless fun while you are lazing away on this inflatable pool toys.

You could get ready in the swimming pool when you are bringing this adorable and gigantic pool float. This red dog-inspired pool float certainly adds tons of happiness. Then, you can also use it to decorate your pool party.

Taco Pool Float


For those who like eating taco, this pool accessory is very recommended. Are you a taco lover? This delicious food-themed pool float is perfect to lounging around and rafting in the swimming pool. Best of all, its design is super fabulous.

This pool float has tomatoes, lettuces, beefs, cheeses and beans. Definitely, it will become favorite pool float either for adults and kids. To make your vacation more enjoyable, you can eat crunchy and tasty taco. What a best day!

Peacock Pool Float


This rare bird has blown away your mind with its gorgeous feathers. Fortunately, you are able to bring this one to your swimming pool. Of course, it must be in the form of pool float. By choosing peacock-themed pool float, your vacation will be filled by some laughs.

It is the right time to dare float on this magnificent pool toys. You must be so relaxed when you waste few hours by riding on this elegant bird-shaped pool float. Moreover, it helps you lounging around comfortably due to its jumbo size.

Do you wanna lazing away on pool floats? When you are in Bali, you can rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. There is nice collection of awesome floaties with affordable rental prices for you. Most importantly, it is free pick-up and delivery.

Check the floaties collection on Instagram @rubyfloaties. Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone to make an order. Let’s float in style!


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