4 Practical Tips to Care for Snake Skin Handbag


In general, men can leave their houses by only bringing small wallets. On the other hand, women won’t be able to start the day without carrying around their handbags. Admittedly, the handbags are so vital in women daily activities. Handbags help hold private stuffs like keys, smartphones and documents.

In term of women handbags, snake skin handbag is the most trendy one. The combination of natural python skin, exquisitely beautiful pattern and outstanding durability is just perfection. On top of that, its fabulousness should not be missed for sure.

As a owner of the luxury item, you are urged to care for yours. If you do not find easy tips, we will explain you in the article below. Keep reading ladies!

Cleanse It Properly

Snake skin is not as same as the other traditional animal skins. It means that yours needs special care. If it is treated improperly, your snake skin handbag will not last for years.

To cleanse the surface of your snake skin handbag, dampen a microfiber cloth or clean T-shirt with warm water. Wipe it gently in the direction of snake skin  scales. Pat its surface with dry soft cloth until there is no excess dampness. And say goodbye to unwanted dusts and dirts!

Go For Natural Dryer

After removing wetness on your surface, you still have the next job. However, you can do it efforlessly because you just need to allow your bag to completely dry in the cool and dry place.

Hair dryer and strong sunlight are not good for your snake skin handbag. Because those heats dry out the natural snake skin easily. To make it worse, your gorgeous snake skin handbag would lift faster than expected. What a nightmare!

Use Special Conditioner

Every snake skin handbag is quite sensitive to bad weather, be it hot or wet. However, to moisturize its surface, you must apply exotic snake skin conditioner regularly. It is better to choose the spray one.

Just apply the conditioner sparingly. Overdosed applying could damage your handbag. Make sure that you apply and wipe the conditioner with soft cloth in the scale’s direction. Your handbag will always look amazing and shiny. This is what you want, right?

Store It in The Right Environment

Last but not least, avoid using your snake skin handbag in snowy and rainy conditions. Furthermore, lots of snake skin handbag owners always complain about theirs. Because they do not give any extra care to snake skin handbag.

For instance, controlled environment is so paramount for your snake skin handbag. It will allow yours to breath comfortably. Then, we suggest you to wrap your snake skin handbag with acid-free tissues. Then, stash your snake skin handbag in cardboard. That’s all.

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