4 Super Exciting Activities to Try on Bali Vacation


There is a lot of quotes about going on vacation with your dearest ones. For instance, memories made together last a lifetime. It actually states the importance of vacationing when you get some free days. Another example is never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

In this year, do not create an excuse for not vacationing. You must feel so exhausted doing all your daily activities. To make your mind and body truly relaxed, you are urged to take a vacation in Bali. This is the best place for you who like living in the sun.

The question is what will you do in Bali. If you do not know your agenda, we will give you the clues. So, check these out!


Bali is widely known for its blue turquoise sea waters. Plus, this tropical paradise has smooth white sands. If you are too bored to sunbathing at Bali’s beaches, you shall give diving a try.

Some popular spots for diving in Bali are Pemuteran Bay, Lovina Beach, Sanur, Menjangan Island and Nusa Lembongan. By diving, you will be able to see the marine life closely. In addition to that, your muscles are stronger than before. However, it may be quite costly because you have to pay around USD 60/dive.

Try Luwak Coffee

It is not ordinary coffee that you have sipped on. Uniquely, the coffee seeds are eaten by civet cats or locally called Luwak. Then, the civet cats will expell the whole coffee seeds.

Do not worry to drink Luwak coffee, because it is completely safe for you. One of the most amazing zones is Luwak Coffee Farm in Tegallalang. Most importantly, Luwak coffee’s price in Bali is pretty affordable.

Joining Cooking Class

After taking a vacation, you might crave delicious cuisines in Bali. To bring your good Bali memories back, you can cook Balinese foods at your own kitchen. You will get nostalgic as well.

Be sure to join a Balinese cooking class when you are having vacation there. It is usually packaged with traditional market tours. So you are able to explore the local spices, tropical vegetables and aromatic herbs. The cooking class costs around USD 25-30.

Playing at Waterbom Bali


Are you a thrill seeker? Waterbom Bali is the right one for you because it has heart-pounding waterslides like Climax, Twin Racers, Fast N Fierce, Green Vipers, Boomerang and many more. If you want to enjoy the green sceneries tranquilly, you must try Lazy River.

This best water park in Asia will make you happier because endorphin hormones definitely flood the brain. Moreover, you are highly suggested to take your whole family to Waterbom Bali. Guaranteedly, you get hours of fun.

Do you want to feel the excitement of Waterbom Bali? Just come and experience the world-class waterslides and attractions there. Be sure you book the ticket first from us because we have the best offer for you.

To book your ticket, contact us on number 08123966865 through telephone, Whatsapp or SMS. Have a great vacation!


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