4 Ultra Fabulous Pool Floats for Bali Vacation

Everyone deserves a break after working and studying so hard. You need to go on vacation as well. By the way, planning your vacation actually is the happiest part. Sure, you can start making an itinerary right now. Vacationing is indeed a must for you if you have adventurous spirits.

When you want to decide your dream destination, Bali must be put on your top list. Travelling Bali with your relatives and friends will make your vacation more fun for sure. To create good times of your vacation, lazing away on pool float is a nice choice.

Without further ado, here is the list of super comfy and ultra awesome pool floats. By bringing them, guaranteedly you will love being outdoors.

Alligator Pool Float


The traditional pool float is not trendy at all. Then, you shall choose alligator-shaped pool float to brighten your pool times. This one is really perfect to ride-on and make you ready hit the water.

Do not worry folks! Giant alligator pool float obviously will not bite you. On the opposite, it is super friendly even to any kids. There are the air chambers too, so you can stay afloat on this pool toys safely. Its vibrant green color steals spotlight in the swimming pool.

Double Lounger Pool Float


You and your loveliest one like doing lots of things together. If you two want to be unseparated, you have to dropping this inflatable pool accessory into water. It is great for any couples and best friends.

It is shaped like 2 rafts with headrests. Luckily, this pool float can catch the sunlights due to its good elevation and certainly you get tanned beautifully. Plus, you are able to store your refreshing beverages in the cup holders.

Flamingo Pool Float


Do you like pink pool item? Flamingo-inspired pool float would be an elegant companion in the swimming pool. This gigantic pool toys is absolutely gorgeous with its pink color. It looks like real flamingo as well.

To make your pool vacation way more exciting, you are urged to ride on flamingo pool float with someone special. Take many photos while you enjoy playing with this adorable pool toys.

Unicorn Pool Float


You can beautify your Instagram page by uploading your photo with unicorn-themed pool float. It is not only comfortable, but also has super stunning rainbow manes and tail.

This mega pool float will bring magical vibes to the swimming pool. By riding on unicorn pool toys your childhood dream comes true. Even, you may imagine that you are in the paradise. Furthermore, an unicorn pool stuff is seriously Instagram worthy.

Do you wanna stay on pool float? When you are in Bali, do not forget to rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. You can find a best selection of floaties with reasonable rental prices. Best of all, it is totally free pick-up and delivery.

To put an order, contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a magnificent pool vacation!

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