These 4 Floaties Will Make Your Vacation Fabulous

One of the most exciting moments in your life is planning the vacation. By traveling to your favorite destination, you can experience lots of new things. You shall start writing down your activities in your vacation itinerary with your family, spouse or friend.

Vacationing gives you so many benefits such as strengthen family bonding, reset your restless mind, relieve stress, lessen your risk of getting heart disease. However, if you are still unsure about the destination, you have to opt for Bali. It is like you will find a complete package there from cultural richness to greenness.

Are you a fan of water-based activity? Sure, you can lazing away on pool float and make a splash at the same time in Bali. Here is our recommendation to you.

Pegasus Pool Float


You all have your own childhood fantasies, right?. One of them might be about riding on mysthical animals. Definitely, your dream will come true by bringing pegasus-shaped pool float to your swimming pool.

This mega inflatable pool toys is really stunning with its golden manes, wings and tail. Plus, it is truly perfect for large swimming pool. Pegasus pool float is great to decorate your pool party as well. It would be the merriest pool party ever!

Cactus Pool Float


Hot days and summertime mean cactus season. This cactus-themed pool accessory has vibrant green color and which is visually appealing. There are also yellow prickles on the cactus pool float. Best of all, this one is super easy and quick to inflate.

Moreover, it is big enough for 1 adult or 2 kids. As a water lover, you have to dropping this awesome pool toys into the water. You will get unbored while you are playing with this watery plant-inspired pool toys.

Pineapple Pool Float


Vacation is the right time for having fun with your dearest one. We suggest you to choose pineapple-themed pool float due to its exquisite design. It does not shape like ordinary pool raft for sure.

It is specifically designed to give you ultimate comfort in swimming pool. The details of pineapple pool float totally resemble real and juicy pineapple fruit. Bring this hottest pool accessory to steal the show. It is also perfect for any pool party decorations.

Swan Pool Float


There is nothing more interesting than going on vacation in the sun. Your pool times will be filled by endless fun when you opt for swan-shaped pool float. Its ginormous size, adorable design, nice color must not be missed on this vacation.

Even, this elegant bird pool float has won lots of world celebrities hearts namely Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski and the Kardashians. Choosing swan pool toys would never go wrong. On the opposite, your vacation memories are always vivid.

Do you wanna have pool vacation in Bali? Make sure you only rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. As trusted floaties rental provider based in Bali, Ruby Floaties gives you affordable prices. There are free delivery and pick up to your accomodation. Check our floaties collection on Instagram @rubyfloaties.

To make an order, please kindly contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS and telephone. Let’s get tanned folks!

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