3 Cute Pool Floats for Small Kids

Going on vacation with family is one of the amazing memories in your life. If you are heading out of the town, you have to choose the right destination for family vacation. Bali popularly becomes travaler’s bucket list and you shall opt for traveling Bali too.

After choosing the destination, the next job is to create an itinerary which includes your activities with your adorable kids in Bali. Be sure that those activities are kid-friendly. If you have no idea, we recommend you to bring pool floats to swimming pool.

Your kids definitely will love staying on pool float. So, without further ado here are pool floats which are specially designed for small children.

Seahorse Pool Float


Family vacation is for all. It means your small kid deserves to relax the day away as well. Seahorse-themed pool float is one of the most awesome pool floats for your kiddo.

This maned seahorse pool float comes in dominantly bright yellow color. It is purely cute pool item to lay back. Furthermore, your kid can ride on seahorse pool float for sure. What a fun day!

Turtle Pool Float


Your kid surely like splashing around on turtle-inspired pool float. Because it has ultra fabulous design and it is exactly shaped like real turtle. It comes with 2 air chambers to assure the safety and stability of your kid. Moreover, it is stunning blue color will steal the show.

By floating on this turtle inflatable pool toy, your little one enjoy playing in the pool comfortably. Do not forget to take some pictures while your kid is making splashes. It is gonna be a hilarious vacation!

Crocodile Pool Float


This crocodile is not as scary as the real one at the zoo. Because it is just an inflatable pool accessory. Since it has gorgeous green color, you need to capture the photos of your kid’s vacation while riding on the crocodile pool float.

The detail of crocodile pool stuff is too good to be true. It will make your kid think creatively to invent new water games. In addition, crocodile pool float is featured with heavy duty handles for extra safety. It can seat up to 2 small kids due to its giant size.

Do you wanna provide hours of fun for your kids in Bali? Go grab kid pool floats at Ruby Floaties. Additionally, Ruby Floaties offers you a wide selection of animal-shaped floaties, affordable rental prices, free delivery and pick-up. All floaties at Ruby Floaties are perfect for kids of all ages.

Check collection of floaties on Instagram @rubyfloaties. Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS and Whatsapp to rent the floaties. Have great playtimes!

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