4 Absolutely Awesome Destinations to Visit in Bali

Bali is like the real paradise on earth. People always has a fantasy about this tropical paradise. In Bali, you can definitely do everything you want. For instances, soaking up in the sun, diving along with beautiful corals and exploring the jungle.

There is a lot of exciting activities to do in Bali. In short, Bali offers a visual and cultural journey to you.  If you truly fall in love with this island of gods, you should choose Bali as your destination. Do you plan to visit Bali?

Make sure, you know what you are gonna do there. If you did not arrange the travel itinerary yet, we are here to help you. Without further ado, these are top-rated destinations in Bali.

Amed Beach

This beach is located in Karangasem and becomes home to stunning corals. At Amed Beach, you are not only able to see its colorful corals, but also the cutest sea creatures and shipwrecks.

Tourists like going to Amed Beach because this spot is really quiet and ideal for spectacular swimming and snorkeling. Since it is not as popular as the other beaches, there is no crowd at the Amed Beach for sure. This spot brings you closer to the underwater world.

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple


Unlike the other temples, Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is situated by the Bratan Lake. You obviously will feel its serenity and tranquility at this temple. The tourists usually put Ulun Danu Bratan Temple as must-visit destination.

Moreover, the temple has beautiful structure. Its reflection on the clear Bratan Lake makes it strikingly fantastic. At this temple, you will be able to witness its ancient architecture as well. It is extremely picturesque temple!

Bali Safari & Marine Park

If you are an animal lover, this place is seriously a must. Do not worry! Because all the animals are well-treated. I promise, you will be so happy spending your vacation times there.

By going to Bali Safari & Marine Park, you exactly find out close encounter with more than 50 species. Even, some of the animals are endangered and rare species such as Sumatran tiger, komodo and white tiger. This place also combines African Savannah and Bali’s ambience.

Waterbom Bali


When you want a short yet relaxing getaway, Waterbom Bali is the way to go. At this fun-packed water park, you can soak in the sun and splash in the refreshing swimming pool.

This world-class water wonderland is perfect for family and couple. Some heart-pounding rides are Green Viper, Python and Super Bowl. On the other hand, Lazy River is for those who like calming water ride. Plus, Waterbom Bali also provides you fish therapy, Balinese massage station, reflexology session and restaurants.

Do you want to get hours of excitement in Bali? Book Waterbom Bali’s ticket first. Sure, you can book the ticket of Waterbom Bali from us with affordable price.

Please kindly contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone and SMS to book the tickets. Have a wonderful vacation!

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