4 Easy Guidances to Pick Out Snake Skin Handbag


DEFV TANNERY Collection 2017.

Shoes and handbag are 2 things in the world that women really love. You will spot women choosing handbag for few hours. Then, they may be still unsure which one to carry around. Recently, snake skin handbag is one of the most exquisite women handbags.

If you start thinking about buying snake skin handbag, it is better to read this article. Because there are some ultimately important considerations. Without selecting the handbag thoroughly, your fascination with snake skin handbag might fade away.

In this article, we already compile 4 tips to choose the right and authentic snake skin handbag. Check these out, ladies!

Scale Patterns

You definitely have a love and admiration with luxury snake skin handbag. The patterns of snake skin handbag are too gorgeous to be true. Since snake skin is an exotic animal skin, the patterns surely are distinctive.

In general, snake skin handbag has small scales. However, they are wider and bigger on the belly area. In term of scale shape, it is usually hexagonal. The space between one scale to the other scales is relatively narrow. On the other hand, the faux snake skin handbag has wide scale spaces.

Wonderful Thickness

The thickness of leather handbag does really matter. Because it tells you about your handbag’s durability. Snake skin handbag literally has desirable thicker skin than the other animal skins after getting tanned. If you find out snake skin handbag with super thin texture, it is the faux one for sure.

Before tanning process, it may be quite thin. However, the texture becomes thicker when the process is done. Despite it tends to have thicker skin, it will add sturdiness to your handbag. Plus, when you are so busy doing your regular activities, its flexibility truly makes you move easier.

Its Price

Generally speaking, snake leather handbag is made of high quality snake skin. To make a handbag, it obviously needs some snake skins. As the result, snake skin handbag is valued expensively.

It can be easily understood because snake skin handbag turn your ordinary style into elegant look. Ironically, faux snake skin handbag is only made of synthetic leather which is much cheaper. It does not look as prestigious as real snake skin handbag.

Smooth Texture

Buy a snake skin handbag could be a creative way to express your unique personality. It becomes the nightmare when you shop faux snake skin handbag though.

Luckily, snake skin handbag is quickly identifiable. Authentic snake skin handbag will have smooth finish. It also comes in great condition. As the opposite, faux snake skin handbag’s surface is rough and makes you so uncomfortable.

Do you wanna buy snake skin handbag? Grab genuine snake skin handbag and purse at DEFV TANNERY which based in Bali. There is a nice selection of snake skin purse and handbag with fairly affordable price. Check out snake skin handbag collection on Instagram @defvtannery.

To order, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have a great shopping!


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