4 Floaties That’ll Make Your Vacation Wonderful

People who like going on vacation are called vacationers. Are you a vacationer? Vacationing is indeed great for your mental and physical health. Before stepping foot in your lovely destination, you need to be well-prepared. It means that you must create an itinerary clearly.

If you are undecided about the destination, Bali is surely recommended to you. We guarantee that you won’t be regretful. On the other hand, you will come back to Bali for many times. There are some stuffs to bring on Bali vacation such as the documents, swimsuits and medicines.

Nowadays, a lot of vacationers also waste few hours in swimming pool. However, pool float is usually left behind on vacation. Hopefully, this does not happen to you. Bring these 4 cute pool floats to cheer your vacation up.

Canoe Floaties


You have a love for kayaking or canoeing. Why don’t you do it on an inflatable pool float? Luckily, canoe-shaped pool float is available. It comes in transparant color. It helps you spotting clean water in swimming pool under the pool float.

Moreover, you are also able to paddle through swimming pool water. How cool it is! In term of size, canoe pool float is definitely ginormous and seats up to 3 small kids or 2 adults.

Pizza Floaties


On this vacation, you are urged to choose unique pool float. Do not bring ordinary pool accessory to swimming pool! Unless, your vacation times will be so boring and uninteresting.

To create a memorable vacation, you can choose to float on pizza slice-themed pool item. Its giant size is seriously perfect for lazing away in the sun. Pizza pool float is not only visually appealing, but also multi-functional. Because it comes with drink holders and a headrest.

Suntan Tub Floaties


Many girls are so obsessed with exotic skin. Do you have the same dream? Your dream will come true for sure because suntan tub pool float makes you so ready to hit the water.

By bringing this inflatable pool item, you can get tanned in comfortable way. Plus, your belongings are kept in suntan tub as well. You never wanna get out of the swimming pool with the sophisticated suntan tub.

Yacht Floaties


Having fun on vacation is not as difficult as you may have imagined. Yacht-shaped pool float becomes the easiest way to be happy on a budget. It obviously brings glamorous vibes to your swimming pool.

Yacht pool float is super big compared to the other pool toys. Due to its jumbo size, you and your best frien can float on it. Since, yacht pool float is so adorable and amazing, you have to take some pictures and post them on social media.

Do you wanna be happy on this vacation? Go grab your dream floaties at Ruby Floaties. There is a wide variety of ridiculously awesome floaties at Ruby Floaties with affordable rental prices. Check the floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties.

As trusted floaties rental provider in Bali, Ruby Floaties also offers you free delivery and pick up. It is good, isn’t it? Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone to place an order. Happy vacation, folks!


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