4 Super Awesome Floaties for Your Pool Vacation

Vacation is one of the best moments in your life, right? If you are planning a memorable vacation, we highly recommend Bali to you. This island literally has breathtaking natural landscapes and exotic cultures. Even, Bali becomes favorite destination on bucket list of world travelers.

You may want to try a lot of water-based activities in Bali like surfing, diving and kayaking. Surprisingly, staying on a pool float is so popular these days. It is such hilarious way to throw boredoms away. You can prove it by yourself by bringing pool float to the swimming pool.

In fact, floaties are available in various colors and designs. You may be undecided which one you shall choose. Do not worry because we are here to help you. Check these out!

Seashell Pool Float


This inflatable pool float is too gorgeous to be true. Dropping seashell pool float into the water will make your vacation memories lasting. Because you are able to feel the sensation being a pearl inside the seashell.

It is exactly shaped like the real seashell. Since it comes in pearly white color, taking some photos is mandatory. You will get marveled with your photos later. Plus, thanks to its giant size so you could sprawl out in swimming pool.

Lily Unicorn Pool Float


Choosing unicorn-inspired pool float never goes wrong. It is definitely such must-bring pool item. You can sit in the unicorn pool float comfortably. Plus, it is also perfect to ride on.

Basically, lily unicorn pool toy is way more stunning than the ordinary unicorn pool float because it has starry colorful manes, wings and tail. This magical pool float can seat up to 2 small kids as well. As a bonus, lily unicorn pool float helps create wonderful Instagram photos.

Flamingo Pool Float


This pool float is visually attractive. Furthermore, its shape resembles elegant flamingo. Everyone does agree that flamingo pool float must be put on the top items on pool vacation.

We suggest you to strike a cute pose in the oversized flamingo pool float. Guaranteedly, your followers get impressed with its gorgeous pink or golden  color. It does not only give you jolly pool times, but also excellent photos.

Toucan Pool Float


Probably, an island life is what you dream about. So, why don’t you bring toucan pool float on this vacation? By lazing away on the toucan pool item, you can have endless happiness and grandiose day.

In addition, toucan pool float also comes with air chambers and handles to make sure your safety. Then, it is available in mega size and dominantly black color. In essence, toucan pool float becomes great item for playing, riding and sun tanning. What a multifunctional pool accessory!

Do you want to relax the day away on pool float? You can rent a wide variety of floaties at Ruby Floaties which based in Bali. Best of all, there are free delivery and pick up. Check collection of floaties out on Instagram account @rubyfloaties.

To make an order, please kindly contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have a fabulous vacation!

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