3 Absolutely Cute Floaties for Your Preschoolers

If you want the boredoms are banned, go on short getaway is the answer. However, not all family destinations are equally created, you need to choose kid-friendly spot. Bali seriously can be such the best vacation spot for you and your young kids.

To create  cheerful vacation memories, you should arrange your vacation agenda soon. One of most favorited vacation activities is lounging on the pool float. In fact, lots of pool floats might overwhelm you. As the result, you do not know which one to bring to the pool.

In this article, we have curated the list of super adorable pool floats that your small kids will really love. We promise the happiness will be the king.

Seashell Pool Float


Your daughter have dreamed a mermaid life for long time. Sure, you could make her dream comes true by bringing seashell-inspired pool float. This inflatable stuff surely makes a statement in the pool. It is also perfect for soaking up the sun.

This seashell pool float also helps transform your daughter into a gorgeous sea goddess. It has giant size and visually appealing colors like pearly white and pastel pink.

Turtle Pool Float


This one is highly recommended to preschoolers and toddlers. We assure that your amazing kids love swimming more than before. Furthermore, it is great for splashing around the swimming pool.

Since it is not big enough, turtle-shaped pool float is small swimming pool companion. It has dominant blue color and the design totally resembles real turtle. Do not worry to choose turtle pool float! Because it comes with handles to give a bonus security. It is screamingly fun too.

Crocodile Pool Float


Every kid like having blast frolicking in the pool. So, why don’t you bring crocodile-shaped pool float? The details are similar to the crocodiles in the wild life, but harmless.

Crocodile pool float has ginormous size and ideally can seat up to 3 small kids. It is also completed with duty handles to provide extra safety. This animal-inspired pool float will add hours of fun to your family vacation. In addition, playtimes become more exciting.

Are you on family vacation in Bali? Make sure you have chosen pool floats for your little ones. Get a widest range of floaties at Ruby Floaties. You will find floaties in various designs, sizes and colors with affordable rental prices. Moreover, Ruby Floaties offers you free delivery and pick-up.

Check out the floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To place an order, please contact  08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Let’s rent today!

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