3 Korean Celebrities Who Love Snake Skin Bags


DEFV TANNERY Collection 2017.

Korean Wave or popularly known as Hallyu is such the real global sensation. It brings the dramas, music, pop culture out to many countries, including non-Asian ones. As Korean Wave gets more famous over the years, the Korean celebrities gain attention too.

Undoubtedly, Korean celebrities have great fashion tastes. That’s why you will see them wearing the stylish bags. One of the most favorited bags is snake skin bag. If you are so curious about the names of those Korean celebrities. We have gathered the informations for you below.

Yoon So Yi

This beautiful actress loves posing with her multicolored snake skin clutch. It is absolutely gorgeous. Her pretty big clutch has some attractive colors like light blue, golden, purple, black and red. Once she carries it, definitely it steals the spotlight. Furthermore, you may wonder where she buy it.

Kim Hye Soo

Kim Hye Soo is such talented actress. Even, she can act as the bold and younger woman. Her commitment to the acting is surely amazing. Moreover, Kim Hye Soo’s handbag will envy you because it is too be stunning to be true. Her genuine python bag comes in black and orange colors. What a perfection!

Soo Ae

She acts awesomely in the Mask, a Korean mystery drama. Beside her marvelous acting skill, she draws the show due to its massive bag collection. Soo Ae owns a great range of sophisticated handbags. One of them is her gold honeybuck snake skin bag. It reflects the elegant character of the owner for sure.

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