4 Extremely Cute Floaties for Your Kids

Summer season is approaching. This season will make your smile brighter and wider. Take on an adventure in this summer. For instance, you can visit new place. Bali surely must be put on your bucket list. Moreover, it has paradise-like setting and relaxing ambience.

If you are vacationing with your kids, do not leave the pool toys behind. One of greatest pool accessories for your cutie pies is pool float. It helps assist them in swimming and boost their safety on the water. But in reality, there is a huge choice of pool floats. Without further ado, check out our recommendation below!

Pegasus Pool Float


Whether you have kids or toddlers, this pool float is gonna lighten their pool times. It comes in the shape of pegasus, a mysthical animal in the Greek mythology. Furthermore, giant rainbow-colored pegasus pool float makes a statement at photo shoot. It is also specially made to hold 3 kids.

Duck Pool Float


Your kids love bathing with lovely rubber duck, right? So, this one obviously steals the heart of your kids as well. Duck pool float dominantly has bright yellow color. Plus, it comes with 2 handles for your kid’s stability in the pool. Bring this one to the pool and feel the hours of excitement.

Crocodile Pool Float


It is such unique pool float because it totally looks like the actual crocodile. Your kids can be real riders to the mega animal-shaped pool float. Its vibrant green color seriously makes their vacation times incredible. In addition, it seats up to 3 young brave riders. What a super fun day!

Flamingo Pool Float


Your daughter never forget their summer times by choosing flamingo pool float. As an elegant bird, this inflatable staple is perfect for any day in the water. We guarantee your kids like spending their vacation times in the pool merrily. It allows your dearest daughters sit comfortably too.

On this vacation, do not hesitate to take your adorable ones for a hilarious dip in the pool with floaties. When you have a vacation in Bali, you are highly suggested to rent the floaties at Ruby Floaties.

As trusted floaties rental provider, Ruby Floaties offers high quality floaties with affordable rental prices. Check out the floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To rent the floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a fun family vacation!


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