4 Extremely Iconic Pool Floats for Adults

What do you do on vacation? Actually, swimming in the pool whether it is at your own bacyard or hotel is the best vacation activity. There is nothing more awesome than dipping yourself into refreshing water. It seriously helps shrink your stress level and make you more energized.

The question is what if you are unable to swim. Sure, you can still do another great activity. Floating around the pool should be put in your agenda for sure. Because it is totally fun. First of all, you need pool properties such as pool floats. The pool floats keep you cool with a peace of mind.

When you go to swimming pool, do not forget to bring  these summer essentials. We promise, you will refuse to grow up.

Unicorn Pool Float


You couldn’t get set without bringing pool accessory. If you are undecided which the right one for you, unicorn-themed pool float is the clue. This pool toy comes in colorful design and ginormous size.

Unicorn pool float is also perfect for teens as well. Because it will make their pool party merrier. Generally, you can sit and ride on the unicorn pool float. Since it is so playful, it is really nice for selfies.

Rainbow Pool Float


Lazing away on pool float is such the best way to have fun. Choose rainbow pool float for your pool times then. We guarantee that you feel very comfortable in the water. Moreover, you definitely enjoy relaxing on this cute pool toy while making a splash.

Rainbow pool float has mega size which is truly great for any pool party theme. Plus, this inflatable pool toy gives an instant cheer to your pool due to its radiant rainbow design. It is not only superb, but also perfect for sunbathing.

Swan Pool Float


This pool item magically adds luxury touches to your swimming pool. Nowadays, it becomes the symbol of splendid summertime. So, why do not float around on this pool pool accessory?

Even, the Kardashians and Taylor Swift do not hesitate to opt for swan pool float. It is so stylish and makes your Instagram feeds fabulous. Furthermore, this oversized pool stuff is great for suntanning and reading.

Toucan Pool Float


If there is a better toy to play with, it would be toucan-inspired pool float. This mega pool accessory comes in dominant black color. Toucan inflatable pool float has huge beak which is the most interesting part.

Plus, you would feel its coziness and awesomeness at the same time. Since it is absolutely big, you are able to share the seating area with your best friend. You and your dearest friend can enjoy soaking up the sun happily.

Do you want to have unforgettable pool experience? Just bring pool float on this vacation then. When you are in Bali, you can rent adorable floaties at Ruby Floaties. As trusted floaties rental provider, Ruby Floaties offers a great variety of fruit, animal and food-shaped floaties with affordable rental prices.

Plus, free pick up and delivery. Check out the floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS and telephone to rent the floaties. Have a wonderful vacation!

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