4 Heart-Pounding Activities You Should Try in Bali


When you get bored with your daily routine, going on vacation is the best option. It will make yourself more relaxed and energetic. Moreover, your negative and stressful thoughts are quickly thrown away. Before vacationing, you must choose your travel destination.

Bali is great option because this tropical island has a lot of things from culture to nature. However Bali is more than just a paradisiacal destination, you can unleash your adventurous spirits there. In this article, we have highlighted 4 amazing activities for an adrenaline junkie like you.


Exploring Bali’s nature is really interesting. Definitely, you are able to do this activity in Bali by canyoning. Gitgit currently becomes one of the most popular spots for canyoning. There are many challenging tracks at Gitgit such as hilly rocks, muddy terrains, cliffs and river.

Water Tubing

It can be categorized as an extreme water sport. If you have a love for the thrill, give it a try. Just imagine that you and the instructor screaming together in the heavy river flow. The greatest place to try water tubing is at Payangan River due to its breathtaking panorama.


Your heart seriously will be pumped when you are surfing in Uluwatu. It is such well-known wave nirvana for world surfers. This water-based activity is not only thrilling, but also adds tons of cheers to your day. Surfing in Uluwatu also makes your day ultimately perfect.

Playing at Waterbom Bali


This water wonderland has the longest waterslide in the world. Moreover, you can try numerous adrenaline-pumping water rides and attractions too. It surely provides hours of excitement to you and your whole family. Because this is the right place for young and young at heart.

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