4 New Floaties to Make Your Vacation Merrier

Vacation is really important to your health, be it mentally or physically. Despite you just take a short getaway, your mind will be stress-free. The next step is to choose your travel destination. If you do not know yet, you should be a vacation goer in Bali.

Since Bali has tropical climate, you must cool yourself down there. In addition, there is nothing nicer than dipping yourself into the water on a hot scorching day. To make it fabulous, bring pool float to your pool. We have rounded up 4 floaties for you, check these out!

Pizza Pool Float


Eating one slice of pizza? It is surely not enough. But lying on a giant pizza slice pool float is too great to be true. It totally looks like a real pizza. Share the seating area of this pool float with your best friend. Then, take some pictures while you are eating yummy pizza on it.

Swan Pool Float


Lots of adorable pool floats make you confused. This one is irresistibly elegant inflatable pool accessory. Classic swan pool float comes in ginormous size and stunning white color. Moreover, it is also best companion to any pool party. Because it can glow in the dark when your pool party is held in the night.

Avocado Pool Float


This fruit is not only good for your skin health, but also for the sake of your happiness. Its shape does resemble the actual avocado. Once you choose it, you never want to leave it behind. To have a perfect sunny life, sip an avocado float and play with this pool accessory cheerfully.

Pegasus Pool Float


Do you have a love for an island life? So why don’t you bring this baby to your pool? By riding pegasus-themed pool toy, you will keep floating in the most extravagant style. Furthermore, it is super comfy. Mega pegasus pool float is also fantastic for sunbathing, lounging and playing.

Perfect floaties create perfect feeds. When you are in Bali, you have to rent the awesome floaties, so you can share your gorgeous photos across the social media. Grab the amazing floaties at Ruby Floaties. You will get affordable rental price, free delivery and pick-up.

Check out the floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To rent the floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Let’s soak up the sun folks!

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