4 Quirky Trendy Floaties to Inflate Your Instagram

A lot of people love spending their vacation times on pool floats. The current craze is fantastically amazing. Because staying on floaties help embrace people’s inner child. Furthermore, floaties are also available for kids and adults to make them relaxed.

Floaties are not only great beach vacation accessories, but also the companions of poolside parties. Once you bring floaties to your swimming pool, you won’t get out of water. Since there are enormous pool floats, you obviously are getting overwhelmed. We are here to help you, folks!

Swan Pool Floats


Do you want to chill like Taylor Swift? Go for swan pool floats. They will provide hours of fun to your pool times. Moreover, gigantic swan floaties can be used as party decoration and relaxation spot. Then, their tail feathers function as ultra comfy headrests.

Flamingo Pool Floats


Everyone is so obsessed with rose gold cold. If you are a rose gold lover, you surely won’t miss the trend of flamingo pool floats. They are stunningly colored in rose gold. Let these mega and gorgeous specimens shimmer in the sun with you. Do not forget to take your vacation picture due to their Instagram-worthiness.

Lily Unicorn Pool Floats


These babies would be your favorite in 2018. They look like luxury inflatable pool items. In addition to that, lily unicorn pool floats come in attractive candy color. They are also featured with starry designs. When you and your best friend ride on lily unicorn floaties, vacation times are gonna be so exhilarating.

Toucan Pool Floats


Dream of a lazy day in the pool? Toucan-themed pool floats are the answers. They will pump up your vacation for sure. These jumbo inflatable stuff are also featured with recessed seat for sunbathing, lounging and playing.  It is also such real pleasure to lie on toucan pool floats. What a life!

Do you wanna get best summer vacation ever? Find out and grab the adorable floaties listed above at Ruby Floaties, a trusted floaties rental provider in Bali. There is a wide collection of floaties with reasonable rental prices.

Check out the floaties on Instagram account of @rubyfloaties. To rent the floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have an awesome vacation!


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