4 Ridiculously Unique Pool Floats for 2018

Vacation times come very soon. Are you ready to go on vacation? You could have a good time when you plan your vacation really well. Because you have been studying or working so hard these past few months. So, it is the time to break and have fun.

Recently, many people like dipping themselves into the water. Of course, they spend their vacation days in the swimming pool. But in reality, pool toys are usually left behind. For instance, people usually forgets about pool float. Hopefully, it does not happen to you.

To get merrier pool times, you should bring one of these awesome pool floats. We guarantee you would have tons of excitement and experience unforgettable vacation.

Flamingo Pool Float


You obviously need this adorable baby to spice up your vacation. You would find out the true perfection in your life. Flamingo pool float comes in various colors like pink and rose gold. Both of them are so gorgeous.

Flamingo pool float is truly great to ride on due to its giant size. You could use it for pool floating and sun lounging. Since it is one of the hottest pool item, take selfies as many as you want. Your pool becomes worth exploring then.

Swan Pool Float


Without bringing this pool float, your vacation would be incomplete. An inflatable white-colored swan pool float may be your favorite. This black one is gonna steal your heart too.

Its mega size can seat up to 2 adults. Moreover, it has elegant design which is perfect for your lovely pool party. Plus, it comes with built-in handles to give extra safety. So, when you are looking for comfortable inflatable toy, black swan pool float is the answer.

Pegasus Pool Float


Wanna have magical day? Choose pegasus-inspired pool float then. It is such best option for soaking up the sun, playing and riding. Its ginormous size will make your vacation more enjoyable and exciting.

Furthermore, it has an artsy design and extravagant style. If you are bride, lazing away on pegasus pool float can throw away your stressful things quickly. That’s why it is perfect bachelorette party companion. Its air chambers and handles avoid you from drowning in the pool as well.

Unicorn Pool Float


When you start planning a super fun pool party, unicorn pool float must be put into your list. Because it is such real addition to any pool party theme. Its rainbow manes and tail obviously steal the show.

As long as you bring unicorn-shaped pool float, your day is gonna be bright. Get this colorful piece to lighten your pool times. Once you decorate your pool with this cutie, you wouldn’t choose another one. It is better to feature it with rainbow cake or drink.

Do you want to show off your pool accessories in Bali? Go grab ultra comfy and stunning floaties at Ruby Floaties. The options are endless for sure. Most importantly, you will get affordable rental prices, free delivery and pick-up.

Check out floaties collection on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To rent the floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a joyous Bali vacation!


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