4 Tips to Keep Your Snake Skin Handbag Durable


Woman can’t leave her handbag behind. Because this stuff is classified as the most adorable and significant investment in woman’s life. When she is so in love with the handbag, she undoubtedly collects a lot of them. They comes in various materials, colors and designs.

In reality, the fashion trend constantly evolves over the times. However snake skin handbag remains to be the classic item. As a luxurious handbag, you have to maintain it with loving care. So, these are our ultimate tips for you.

First Rule

It must be understood that snake skin handbag is very prone to strong sunlight and dampness. Extend its longevity by storing your snake skin handbag in a dry and cool place. Then, keep it in the dust bag and store in the closet. We guarantee it will look so desirable.

Second Rule

Great shape does matter. Keep its original form by stuffing your snake skin handbag with acid-free tissue papers. You can also use clean cloth to stuff it. These two strategies help prevent it from lifting up and creasing. Plus, its shape is gonna be awesome.

Third Rule

All exotic leather products dry out way faster than the other traditional leathers. It means you have to pamper snake skin handbag regularly. For instance, apply special leather conditioner on its scales. If you do not have too much time, go to the bag spa is a nice idea.

Fourth Rule

The effects of bad weather are so harmful to snake skin handbag. For example, it frequently gets wet in the rainy season.  Pat the affected areas gently with microfiber cloth. Then, let it air-dry. In addition to that, avoid using hair-dryer because it surely can damage your snake skin handbag.

Looking after a snake skin handbag is not so difficult. Just follow those tips and get marveled with the way it looks. For you who wanna own the authentic snake skin handbag and purse, grab them fast at DEFV TANNERY. There is a broad selection of snake skin handbags with affordable prices.

Check out the collection on Instagram of @defvtannery. To place your order, please kindly contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Happy shopping!


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