4 Water Floaties for Your Perfect Summertime

The summer is coming soon. When this season is around the corner, you obviously feel so excited. You can do a lot of things that you may have never done before. For instance, take your several days off of the work by lying on pool float.

There are great floaties for you, but some aren’t. We know that you get overwhelmed because of the various designs. Do not worry! In this article, we are very pleased to give you the recommendations. Bringing one of these babies and your vacation is gonna be cheerful.

Leaf Pool Float


Recently, an inflatable pool toy becomes the hot trend. Leaf pool float itself is getting popular. We guess this one is what you have dreamed of. The gigantic leaf pool float has stunning green color. It is also seriously cool for any pool party. If you want to have a super lazy summer day, keep floating on it.

Hand Pool Float


Floaties in the shape of certain human body parts? You mind will be blown away with this pool accessory. It totally looks like your hand. Moreover, it is not only lovely, but also super comfy. You are able to relax on hand pool mattress due to its large seating area. What an awesome day!

Flamingo Pool Float


Wanna lounge around cute pool float? Bring oversized flamingo pool float to your summer sanctuary. It comes in adorable light pink color. In addition, it is fabulous to sunbathing in sweet style. Flamingo pool float is featured with handles. Then, its tail functions as the headrest.

Rainbow Cloud Pool Float


Bring your childhood memories back by choosing this pool item. Its design combines pretty rainbow and cloud. You should add rainbow cloud pool float to your beach day or pool party. Furthermore you can sit, lie and ride on it. Once you sunbathe on it, you refuse to grow up.

Do you want to get an impressive vacation? When you are in Bali, grab your summer essentials at Ruby Floaties. There is a huge selection of floaties for all ages. Best of all, the rental price is affordable.

To rent your favorite floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Let’s go on summer vacation!

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