5 Water-Based Activities for Your Kids in Bali


School holiday will be coming soon. It is the right time to prepare an unforgettable family vacation. When you are vacationing in Bali, make sure you know what to do. Generally, kids love making a splash and dipping themselves into the water.

But in reality, not all water-based activities are friendly and great for your beloved kids. If you are still confused at making an itinerary, we are here to help you. In this article, we have rounded up 5 fun activities that are suitable for kids with the age above 7 years old.

Jet Ski

Your kids definitely have an impressive experience when they drive jet ski at Tanjung Benoa. This activity makes them euphoric as well. Do not worry because they will be accompanied by professional instructors. Plus, your kids use the life jackets to give an extra safety.


If you have a kid, you shall give parasailing a try. You and your spouse sit on the left and right side, while your kid sits in the middle. Then, you and them fly from the ship. After flying from a ship, the participants land on the ship too. We promise that happiness will be the king.


Although your kids are beginners, they can try rafting at Ayung River in Ubud. Because the level is relatively easy for kids. The river rapid is small too. Your kids and the instructor will scream together cheerfully. Once they are rafting in Bali, they are gonna be adrenaline junkies.

Visiting Turtle Island

This activitity is not only affordable, but also filled by hours of fun. Turtle Island at Tanjung Benoa is surely perfect for any family travelers. Do not forget to take pictures while your kids are holding the cute green turtles. Brave enough? They can hold a bird and huge python too.

Playing at Waterbom Bali


Waterbom Bali always amazes the vacationers with its incredible attractions and rides. So, why don’t you go there? Waterbom Bali will create a high quality family time. Its waterslides are also ready to provide your kids with endless excitement. What a well-spent day!

Come to Waterbom Bali and experience a spectacular whole day out with your kids. First of all, you must book the tickets. You can book the tickets of Waterbom Bali from us. We guarantee to give you the best deal ever.

To order the tickets, please contact Kombi Box Bali Tour on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a hilarious vacation!

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