The Hottest Pool Floats for Your Pleasant Vacation

Summer is coming very soon. It means you must get ready for an impressive vacation. On this vacation, you can have a fun by lounging around pool float. Moreover, Bali shall be considered on your bucket list. Bali laid-back setting and cute pool float seriously bring your vacation to the next level.

However, some floaties are attractively designed and some aren’t. Be selective when it comes to the pool floats. For instance, never choose rectangular-shaped raft. Unless you wanna have entirely boring vacation. Without further ado, here 4 floaties that are really awesome.

Flamingo Pool Float


Do you wanna be a goddess? Then, bring mega rose gold flamingo pool float to your backyard pool. It has stunning metallic color. Plus, this majestic specimen is perfect for riding and sunbathing. Once you pose on it, all the girls will be drooling over this baby.

Pineapple Pool Float


Adore an island life? This creature is the right one for you. Because it instantly adds tropical vibes to your summer sanctuary. Furthermore, it is hilariously gigantic and can seat up 2 adults. To make your vacation more enjoyable, sip a fresh pineapple juice or pina colada.

Pearl Pool Float


When you were a little girl, your might have mermaid fantasies. Nothing is wrong with that. Make your dreams come true by lying on an inflatable pearl pool float. It totally resembles the gorgeous shining pearl shell. It is not only comfy, but also so fun.

Doughnut Pool Float


It can be categorized as zero-calorie doughnut. Because it comes in frosted doughnut pool float. In addition to that, it looks so good to eat. Even you may take a bite out of this pool toy. There is nothing better than playing with doughnut pool float in the water.

Do you wanna get an awesome vacation? First thing first, grab those pool items at Ruby Floaties, a trusted floaties rental provider based in Bali. Ruby Floaties offers a wide range of floaties with affordable prices. Best of all, Ruby Floaties also provides free delivery and pick-up.

Check out the collection on Instagram @rubyfloaties. Then, choose floaties for your splendid summer entertaining. After that, contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone to place an order. It is easy, isn’t it? We wish you a superb vacation!


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