4 Fabulous Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Bali


When you are stressing out about the work, vacationing is the greatest decision. By going on vacation, you will be able to escape from your daily routine. This island paradise is constantly chosen as top-rated destination among world travelers. So, it is your time to trip to Bali as well.

Since vacation is one of the most awesome leisure moments, your day is gonna be filled with happiness. Luckily, Bali also has majestic and paradisiacal setting which entices you. So, plan your vacation activities in Bali immediately. If you do not know the activities yet, here we are delighted to help you.

Bathing in Banjar Hot Springs

This hot springs is uniquely different because it is located in the tropical island and close to Lovina Beach. The dragon statues will spew out 38 degrees water to you. You certainly feel so relaxed quickly in no time. You can choose either private or public pool. Best of all, it is set in the midst of lush garden and jungle.

Crusing around Nusa Lembongan

It is popularly known for its stunning natural scenery. That’s why spending your day in Nusa Lembongan is so worth it. Join the cruise tour in this island. You surely would get indulgently new experiences. If you like doing water sport, this spot is seriously must-visit too.


This activity is gaining enormous popularity these days. By paragliding, you are able to flying with bird’s eye views. Because you will be soaring around 100-150 meters above the sea level. In general, it takes up to 20 minutes. Enjoy your precious times to explore Bali’s landscape by air.

Having Fun at Waterbom Bali

As tropical island, Bali definitely has sunny days especially in the summer. To make your vacation more thrilling and exciting, go to Waterbom Bali. Moreover, this major water wonderland is a place for kid and kid at heart.

At Waterbom Bali, you can soak up the sun, play the water attractions and rides. Do not forget to try its fantastic waterslides. Waterbom Bali is also like an oasis in the middle of the busy and touristy Kuta street. This one-stop leisure spot also provides spa centre, swim-up bar, massage station, dining outlets and many more.

Do you want to travel Bali? Playing at Waterbom Bali and paragliding are truly worth trying. You can get the best paragliding package and Waterbom Bali ticket from us.

Contact us on number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS to book the ticket of Waterbom Bali and paragliding package. Have a mesmerizing vacation!

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