4 Floaties to Make Your Summer Weekend Perfect

On this vacation, don’t miss the precious chance to lie on pool floats. Because they are too great to pass up. It is also undeniably true that pool floats have been flooding the Instagram feeds for the past few years. They are such good companions to any poolside too.

If you travel to your favorite summer destination, bring along a pool float. However, finding pool float that matches your style nicely is pretty difficult. But you must not worry about it anymore. In this article, we specially have rounded up the most fabulous pool floats for you.

Pegasus Pool Float


Are you a horse lover? I guarantee you will love posing on pegasus pool float. It is as majestic as an unicorn. Since the craze of unicorn seems over, the pegasus pool float certainly will be a like-getter on social medias. Plus, this rainbow-winged pool accessory has jumbo size to seat up you and your bestie.

Toucan Pool Float


For you who wanna laze away comfortably, we recommend this one to you. If you set up a pool party, it is gonna be awesome decoration. Trust us, there is nothing cooler than having fun in the sun with this oversized bird-themed pool stuff. Moreover, it surely adds the tropical vibes to your backyard summer sanctuary.

Kiwi Pool Float


You might get bored with floaties in the animal series. This mega kiwi pool float will win your heart for sure. Surprisingly, it looks so realistic and juicy. In addition, its vibrant green color fits perfectly with your swimsuit. Totally charming and hilarious, what else could you ask for?

Sea Shell Pool Float


We bet you ever had a dream of being a goddess. Make your dreams come true by relaxing in the pool with an oversized sea shell pool item. You are gonna be the most mystical and stunning water creature. Once you stay on it, you will quickly feel so magical.

Are you looking for amazing pool floats? When you are in Bali, do not forget to rent floaties at Ruby Floaties. There is a huge choice of floaties at super affordable prices. You also get free delivery and pickup from Ruby Floaties. Check the floaties selection on Instagram of @defvtannery.

To rent the floaties, please contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. You can leave a direct message on our Instagram as well. Let’s lie on the pool float, folks!

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