4 Fruit Slice Floats That’ll Cheer You Up

Your regular activities make you darn stressful. If you want to feel recharged and reenergized, you shall go for vacationing. By vacationing, you will be able to relax and enjoy your precious life. Most importantly, you can be a brand new and productive person.

If you are planning on vacation, Bali is such great option. This island will create a truly perfect vacation for you. When you are in Bali, you need to lounge around pool float. However, you may get undecided due to the so many pool floats. Without further ado, here is a list of fruit-inspired floaties.

Watermelon Pool Float


This pool accessory is one of the hottest trends. Watermelon pool float does resemble the real watermelon. It looks so juicy and stunning. Even you may want to bite it because of its appealing design.

Watermelon pool float is really nice to ride and lie on. There is nothing better than making a splash on this pool stuff. Do not forget to take some pictures while you are sunbathing on it.

Pineapple Pool Float


Since Bali is a tropical paradise, it is awesome to laze on this tropical fruit-shaped pool float. Just imagine yourself playing with pineapple pool item while sipping refreshing pina colada.

Gigantic pineapple pool float is ultra comfortable. You will soak up the sun in an elegant style too. Furthermore, you also get happier in no time. Be ready because its bright yellow color steals the show.

Kiwi Pool Float


This inflatable pool toy makes you ready for a joyous summer. It comes in the shape of kiwi slice that is so attractive. The detail is so mesmerizing, even you are able to see its seeds.

It can seat up to 2 adults due to the its huge size. Then, kiwi pool float has blasting green shade which is so adorable. If you want to set up a pool party, do not hesitate to bring kiwi pool float.

Lemon Pool Float


Vacation is not vacation, without chilling with lemon pool float. Moreover, several people can lounge around it because of its mega size. Best of all, it remarkably looks like the actual lemon.

We promise you will enjoy sunbathing on citrus pool lounger. To make your vacation more amazing, sip the lemonade. They are surely gonna brighten your pool times.

Do you wanna rent those fruit slice floaties? Grab them at Ruby Floaties, a trusted floaties rental provider based in Bali. Ruby Floaties offers various floaties with affordable prices.

Once you choose our floaties, you won’t regret. Check the floaties collection out on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. Please kindly contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS to rent the floaties. Have a great day!


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