4 Hilariously Giant Floaties for Your Epic Vacation

Summer is coming soon, folks! You definitely wanna plan a memorable family vacation. In this summer, you must choose the right vacation spot. In this case, you can opt for traveling to Bali. By vacationing in Bali, you will be able to do a lot of indoor and outdoor activities.

Recently, vacation goers love sunbathing on pool floats. You shall do the same. Because it is gonna make your vacation more relaxing. If you are looking for an ultra comfy pool float, keep reading this article. Here are 4 big pool floats to maximize your summer vacation.

Watermelon Pool Float


Generally speaking, watermelon becomes the universal symbol of summer. When the sun is out, it means great time to lie on watermelon pool float. We guarantee you won’t regret a lazy day on this pool stuff. To make your vacation more perfect, eating a slice of juicy watermelon.

Rainbow Pegasus Pool Float


It is certainly statement-making pool accessory. That’s why you can use rainbow pegasus pool float for hanging out at beach, decorating pool party and photo shoot. Moreover, it has visually appealing color and luxury design. Its large space is ideal for 2 adults too.

Pineapple Pool Float


Take yourself away to a true paradise, by lounging elegantly on pineapple pool float. It is not only gigantic, but also brings hours of excitement to your vacation. If your favorite fruit is pineapple, this inflatable pool item is a must. Furthermore, it is one of the most Instagram-worthy pool floats.

Peacock Pool Float


Who says that peacock won’t be in the pool? It is totally wrong. Peacock pool float is such best companion to any summer getaway. Its design is truly amazing and stunning. Plus, it is aquatically adept. Once you sunbathe on peacock pool float, you can’t stop dreaming about the next vacation.

Without bringing pool float, your vacation must be simply boring. When you are in Bali, just rent those inflatable water toys at Ruby Floaties. There is a huge selection of grandiose floaties at reasonable prices. Best of all, you get free delivery and pick-up. Sounds good, right?

Check floaties collection and testimonials on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To book your dream floaties, contact number 08123966865 through SMS, telephone or Whatsapp. So, don’t wait any longer to rent floaties! Have a superb vacation!


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