4 Insanely Awesome Floaties for Adults in 2018

Currently, a lot of celebrities make floaties more famous. It means that floaties will always be in the pool. Moreover, pool floats are easily taking all social media by the storm. Then, you shall go ahead of this summer trend by bringing an inflatable stuff to your pool as well.

But in reality, standard floaties aren’t that good. They also don’t suffice anymore for sure. In the Instagram era, you must look for attractive floaties. Without choosing the impressive ones, your vacation is gonna be boring. Here is our recommendation to give you the finest pool experience.

Rainbow Cloud Pool Float


Kids love seeing stunning rainbow in the sky. However, rainbow pool floats aren’t just for them. This pool item is also great for working on your tan and lounging. It has 7 vibrant colors to cheer you up. Furthermore, you can soak up the rays in pretty color with it. What a best day!

Sea Horse Pool Float


A pool raft is not enough for perfect summer. So why don’t you opt for a sea horse pool float? Since sea horse is a graceful creature, you are able to lounge in an elegant style. It also comes in mega size. As the result, you will get tanned skin comfortably.

Golden Swan Pool Float


Let yourself enjoy the cool water happily by riding golden swan pool float. There is no time for ruining your hair, summer hat and sunglasses. Its luxury design obviously makes you feel so rich. Plus, it adds leisure and pleasure to your pool at the same time.

Duck Pool Float


When you were a small kid, you might be obsessed with a rubber duck. Now, you can find it, but in the form of duck pool float. Just imagine you lie on it all the day with your significant other or best friend. Once you choose this charming water toy, you never leave it behind.

You surely need those babies on your summer vacation. Rent the floaties soon at Ruby Floaties, a floatie rental provider based in Bali. There is a wide choice of gorgeous floaties at affordable prices. Best of the best, you get free delivery and pick-up. How good the deal is!

Do not wait too long! Choose floaties of your dream. Contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Wish you a fascinating vacation, everyone!

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