4 Tips to Take Care of Your Snake Skin Handbag


If you are a career woman, you certainly can’t leave the handbag behind.  Basically, its purpose is to hold your posessions. Over time, handbag also reflects status and character of a woman. As an active and bold person, you must opt for a snake skin handbag.

Wearing snake skin handbag makes your style stand out compared to the other women. It is not only stunning, but also gives luxury touches to your outfit. But in reality, snake skin handbag needs a special care. To be clueless-free, we have gathered up the tips for you.

Clean The Scales

Unwanted dusts and dirts are usually found out underneath scales of snake skin handbag. Use a super soft brush to remove them. Be sure you clean it gently to avoid the scales from lifting up. Then, wipe the scales with a slightly damp cotton cloth.

Condition It Naturally

Snake skin handbag tends to dry out easily without conditioning. Do not worry you can maintain its smooth look by applying a leather conditioner or olive oil with the direction of its scales. No olive oil? Luckily, coconut oil works well in conditioning snake skin handbag too.

Keep It Away from Strong Sunlight

It must be underlined that all snake skin products are seriously sensitive to direct sunlight. A snake skin handbag is fragile as well. Plus, do not use any heater. For instance, let it dry with the help of hair-dryer is strictly not allowed. By far, air-dry is the best method.

Store It in the Right Place

All snake skin handbag obviously requires loving care. Before storing your snake skin handbag, you have to wrap it in the clean clothes or acid-free tissue papers. After that, keep it in the dust bag in the cool and dry place. Since the air is able to reach your snake skin handbag, it can breathe freely.

Hopefully, you get informed with the tips above. When you are vacationing in Bali, just go to DEFV TANNERY to buy authentic snake skin handbag like you want. There is a wide range of snake skin handbags at reasonable prices.

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