5 Celebrities Who Obsessed with Snake Skin Bag


A bag definitely reflects your personal taste. Plus, it helps make your bold and unique fashion statement. That’s why you will see people carry different bag. However, the primary function of bag is to hold your possessions like smartphones, documents, keys, makeup supplies and money.

In term of woman bag, snake skin bag increasingly becomes more famous. Because it is not only versatile, but also like a piece of art. Moreover, it is really comfortable to carry. Even, some world celebrities have love for snake skin bag. Here is a list of those celebrities.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This American designer and actress truly knows how to be stylish. She is extremely in love with python-made spybag. Furthermore, she smartly chooses a python spy bag which has various attractive colors. The spy bag matches perfectly with her casual outfit. Of course, it is notably beautiful.

Lady Gaga

You might get surprised with her changing and sensational style. But in reality, she has a great taste in fashion. A snake skin tote bag wins the heart of Lady Gaga. This exotic tote bag is super stunning and successfully steals the spotlight. Lady Gaga personally buys snake skin tote bag in lavender color.


He is well-known as American best-selling musician and businessman. Surprisingly, Jay Z also likes carrying his snake skin backpack. It shows that man sometimes loves snake skin product as much as woman does. Snake skin backpack is worth buying because it adds distinctively extravagant look.

Amber Heard

This ex-wife of Johnny Depp is spotted out for carrying python bag. The impressive python bag fits nicely with her beige coat. For the color, she proudly opts to blue python bag which is so eye-catching. This exotic bag is absolutely great specimen.

Alessandra Ambrosio

She looks like goddess. In turn, she does not shop her bag carelessly. Alessandra Ambrosio purchases an enchanting python flap bag in a classic design. Her python bag has attractive brown color. It is completed with a luxury strap too. We bet you will be so jealous of her python bag.

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