3 Floaties That Will Make Your Vacation Fabulous

If you are thinking about going for a splendid trip, Bali should be put on your top list. Whether you opt for short break or long journey, this tropical island won’t fail to captivate your heart.

Moreover, you are not only able to explore its natural wonders, but also enjoy the trip by floating around on pool toy. We have gathered several super lovely floaties for you.

Angel Wings Pool Float

When you were a little girl, you probably had a fantasy of being an angel. Turn your dream into reality then. You are the new angel as you laze away on it. Furthermore, it will give you maximum relaxation too. Its divine appearance obviously grabs the attention. Let’s spread your wings!

Pony Pool Float


Sometimes, Bali’s heat can be quite brutal. Cooling yourself down in the pool is nice idea. Do not forget to bring the flotation device! In this case, pastel pony is the most heavenly one. It seats up to 2 adults or 3 small kids. We guarantee you are gonna fall in love with its adorable mane swirls and candy colors.

Seahorse Pool Float


Undeniably, seahorse is stunning majestic marine creature. You are really lucky if you can get it into the pool. Seahorse-shaped inflatable pool stuff comes in giant size. It offers you ultimate comfort and elegance. Horsing around on it will leave your pool pals speechless.

So, those floaties are your vacation essentials. For you who are traveling in Bali, you can rent the enticing floaties at Ruby Floaties. As great floaties rental service provider, Ruby Floaties has a huge selection of charming pool floats. The rental prices are seriously affordable. Plus, free of delivery and pick-up charges.

Check the floaties out on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To order the floaties, please contact Ruby Floaties at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, telephone or SMS. Have a wonderful vacation, folks!

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