4 Activities You May Have Never Done in Bali

When it comes to the vacation destination, Bali is definitely put on the bucket list among the world travelers. Whether it is just a short break or relatively longer stay, you will enjoy vacationing in this tiny paradise. Of course you can do a ton of fun-filled activities there.

If you wanna try something different on your Bali vacation, you are in the right place. Because we gladly have compiled 4 activities to bring your vacation to the whole new level.

Explore Gitgit Waterfall

Sometimes, going to the touristy destination is quite boring. Then, Gitgit waterfall is such awesome must-go place for your inner adventure. It is located not so far from Lovina Beach. After that, continue your journey by walking around 20 minutes to reach this magnificent destination. What a well-spent day!

Ride A White Horse at Canggu Village

It is seriously fantastic vacation activity. Just imagine yourself riding a horse along gentle waves and clear blue waters. In general, horse riding tour takes up to more than 30 minutes. Since the area is Instagrammable, do not forget to photograph yourself as well.

Feed the Fishes

You probably do not get closer to Mother Nature because of modern lifestyle. In Bali, you surely can experience feeding stunning multiple species of fish by your own hands. It is situated near Lovina Beach. Interestingly, the trip only costs IDR 100.000. Your jaw will be dropping while seeing real marine life.

Have An Endless Fun at Waterbom Bali


As premier water wonderland in Asia, Waterbom Bali offers you remarkable and super hilarious rides. In total, there are 22 attractions and rides. Furthermore, you can relax, drink, eat and chill out from scorching afternoon heat. This place is great for any adrenaline junkie.

Are you kid at heart? Plan your epic vacation by trying rides and attractions at Waterbom Bali. To make your life easier, just book the tickets of Waterbom Bali from us. As trusted tour agency, we surely give you the best deal ever.

Contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone to order the tickets. There is nothing better than making a splash in the most amazing water park. So, let’s go there!

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