4 Brilliant Tips to Care for Snakeskin Handbag


Undoubtedly, snakeskin handbag is such prized stuff you have in your life. Pattern richness and texture softness are two characters of this glorious possession. To make it look great and durable, you must give the extra treatments. Here are 4 easy way to take care of yours.


After wearing your handbag, it might get dirty and dusty. That’s why cleaning is the first thing you should do. Use a slightly damp cotton cloth. Keep in mind that you dampen it with water. Never dip it in liquid soap and household products. Wipe your snakeskin handbag with the natural direction of its scales.

Cream Waxing

In order to rejuvenate the scales of your handbag, apply neutral cream wax regularly. One coat is enough. Hard wax is totally unallowed here. Moreover, colored polish isn’t suitable for it too. If you insist on using one of them, yours might turn greenish.


We seriously recommend you to stuff yours with acid-free paper tissues or clean clothes. The function is to keep your delicate handbag from creasing. If you follow this general rule, its form is still wonderful for sure. Furthermore, your gorgeous snakeskin handbag does not lift up.


As an exotic product, your snakeskin handbag must be stashed in cool and dry place. That means you avoid placing it in harsh direct sunlight. Plus, keep it in its original dust bag. The simplest way is to put it in the closet.

So, those are our guides that can help you in maintaining your handbag. If you are on Bali vacation, you can buy the genuine snakeskin handbag at DEFV TANNERY. There is a broad variety of snakeskin handbags for you. Of course, the prices are reasonable.

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