4 Cool Activities in Bali for Your Family Vacation


If you want to take a few days off, you should plan your vacation soon. Of course, Bali is such amazing destination for you and your lovely family. There are a lot of kid-friendly activities in this tiny tropical island. Without further ado, let’s have a read at our top picks below.

River Rafting

Your teenagers love rafting so much. Why don’t you ask them to join this heart-pumping water sport? No worries. This activity is totally safe. They will be accompanied by a professional instructor. In terms of rafting spot, Ayung River in Ubud is the most recommended one.

Visiting Bali Zoo Park

This zoo is situated in Gianyar. Plus, it is the home to rare animals like Sumatran Tiger, Orang Utan, Timor Deer and many more. We promise it keeps your kids entertained. They also have interaction with the adorable animals and learn about those creatures closely.

Bike Touring

In case you are in Ubud, you can join the cycling tour which takes 2 hours. It will allow your kids to meet the locals and see scenic rice terrace in a super fun way. As a bonus, you and your kids stay fit during the vacation. The whole trip is seriously worth it.

Having Fun at Waterbom Bali

Whether you are vacationing with small kids or teens, this water wonderland is perfect place to go. The playful rides and attractions range from mellow to extreme. Not only that, you and your family can try the delicious foods at the food courts, enjoy the fish spa and nail treatments.

So, it is time to book the tickets of Waterbom for your entire family. Grab the tickets soon at Kombi Box Bali Tour. As the reliable tour and travel operator based in Bali, we will give you the best offer ever.

To book the tickets, contact us at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Are you ready for a wet day out with your kids?

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