4 Floaties to Earn the Insta Fame This Year

In the summer, your friends usually post their vacation pictures on Instagram. Of course, they elegantly float around on charming flotation devices. Are you excited to pose on floatie’s top too? You are in the right place. Here are some photogenic floaties to make your Instagram feeds flawless.

Toucan Pool Float


Looking for an enviable floatie? We fully guarantee you never go wrong with toucan-shaped pool toy. As the symbol of tropics, toucan will bring your summer weekend to the whole next level. It comes in the super large size. You can choose black toucan or the blue one.

Candy Pool Float

Nothing beats the magnificence of candy-inspired inflatable toy. Unlike the classic pool ring, it is so glittery and attractive. That’s why it is gonna be perfect embellishment for your next pool party. Plus, it helps you indulge your sweet tooth without eating the real candy.

Seahorse Pool Float


Are you already bored of flamingos? This floatie will allow you to sparkle this summer. It resembles the actual graceful seahorse, but in the jumbo size. You can ride on it to soar across the pool. Your followers would love your striking Instagram photos for sure.

Rainbow Pool Float


When you are going on beach vacation, this amazing floatie is a must. It features rainbow channel and cloud pillow. So realistic, right? Moreover, it adds hours of happiness to your day. By lounging on it, your Instagram pictures do not only look good, but also become famous.

Those are ultimate pool floats to celebrate the fun of summer. If you plan a trip to Bali, do not forget to rent the floaties at Ruby Floaties. The rental prices are absolutely cheap. You will get free delivery and pick-up as well.

Check the floatie collection out on Instagram of @rubyfloaties. To rent the floaties, please kindly contact Ruby Floaties at number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS or telephone. Have a mesmerizing vacation!


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