4 Great Essentials for Snake Skin Handbag


In the modern era, handbags are strongly needed to accomodate women lifestyles. It does not only hold women possessions, but also for exercising, working and traveling. Then, it is understandable seeing women become more attached to their handbags.

Recently, women seem more obsessed with snake skin handbag. If you love wearing this timeless and luxury handbag too, you must know some stuff to make yours incredible for many years.

Acid Free Tissue Paper

This paper is not as same as the others, because it has balanced acidity level. That means acid free tissue paper works effectively to wrap leather products. It is such ingenious and safe-storage idea.When it comes to storing snake skin handbag, please avoid using plastic.


Sometimes, your stunning snake skin handbag gets stained. Do not worry, ladies! You all can clean it easily by applying spray glass cleaner. Be sure you just put a small amount of the cleaner on cotton ball. Then, wipe its exterior gently. Cleaner instantly helps add shine to your snake skin handbag.


Without giving proper conditioning, you may find out cracks on your snake skin handbag. Luckily, it won’t happen as long as you condition it regularly. Special leather conditioner retains its color, maintains the appearance and durability. Do not forget to test the conditioner first.

Waterproofing Spray

Water can cause serious damages to your adorable snake skin handbag. Buy a waterproofing spray solves the problem. Once you use it, your gorgeous item will constantly look amazing. Furthermore, bear in your mind that perfume and hairspray are totally banned.

Follow those tips and you must be so confident carrying your snake skin handbag. When you are in Bali, grab 100% authentic snake skin handbags and purses at DEFV TANNERY. As a reputable artisan, DEFV TANNERY offers you the best selection at affordable price.

Check customer testimonials and collection on Instagram of @defvtannery. Additionally, contact number 08123966865 through Whatsapp, SMS and telephone to order. So, do not wait too long! Let’s shop snake skin handbag!

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